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The Book

The Guardian's Wildchild by Feather Stone
Genre: urban fantasy

About The Guardian's Wildchild:
Caught in a reckless attempt to stop Dark forces, Sidney Davenport, a young, rule breaking, spirited member of the secret paranormal community of Guardians, finds herself imprisoned on a naval ship and slated for execution. Her struggle with the unfamiliar emotions of fear and anger becomes even more complicated when she can no longer fight her attraction to the very man who has orders to perform her execution.

Captain Sam Waterhouse, a meticulous naval captain who’s suspected of treason, teeters on a precipice between Darkness and Light. When he receives an unusual prisoner, a paranormal journey begins to unravel his disciplined life. All the while, humanity is unknowingly at great risk when two Dark forces team up to acquire control of an elusive power. Sidney and Sam attempt to quiet their powerful feelings for each other, only to discover they can save each other, and in doing so, they might even save the world.

Through stunning imagery, an intricate and adventurous plot, and a strong cast of characters, Feather Stone gives readers a fascinating glimpse into the future—a future that is chilling, yet full of hope.
Source: Info in the About The Guardian's Wildchild was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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Meet The Author

About Feather Stone:
If you already have meet me, you'll know part of me lives on the edge, pushes my limits to the extreme, dares to be different, and desires to create stories that make you wince, cry, laugh, and feel the pleasures of lovers in the throes of passion.

During my career as a paramedic I came face to face with scenes most people would rather not think about. Having experienced life in the most deadly and gut wrenching events, and work with the police service, I have the fodder for creating intense novels.

All my life I've loved the challenges and pushed myself to reset my boundaries to include more of everything life has to offer - with a few exceptions.

I've steered clear of drugs, alcohol or any other practices that take away my self control. However, if the activity was legal or would not harm anyone or anything, I've probably tried it - or wanted to. I've never gotten around to bungee jumping or sky diving. I had signed up to get my pilot's licence but ran out of cash when my car needed repairs. Damn!

I live with passion - that feeling in my entire being that pulls me forward, like the excitement of a child discovering the magical world. Though I'm an introvert I get excited meeting other authors and artists. And I love to learn. I've studied French, Japanese, Spanish and a bit of Cree and Ukrainian. I can play the piano, accordion and guitar. I love to paint (oils and watercolours), knit, garden, hike, canoe, read and, most of all, I love my animals (currently one sheltie, Sammy; and two cats, Leo and Smokey). I've raced snowmobiles and snowmobiles in the Rockies in Canada and USA.

The paranormal has followed me since childhood. My journey has led me to wild experiences during meditation, shamanic exercises, Reiki practice, and ... a relationship with a variety of spirit guides. I manage to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground through loving my family, and being with special friends.


  1. I love the cover of this book and the story sounds great!

  2. Thank you Cherry Mischievous for this post. Most appreciated.

  3. Thank you, Librarian Lavender. The book cover was created through a team effort between myself and Omnific Publishing staff. Currently, I'm offering a free copy (mobi, epub, pdf) of The Guardian's Wildchild in exchange for an honest review posted on Amazon and Goodreads. If anyone is interested in this offer, please comment here or email me at: Thank you.


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