Thursday 17 July 2014

MOVE Book Tour & Giveaway

The Book

Move by Sherri Fulmer Moorer
Genre: Urban Fantasy

About Move:
All Ruby Josen wanted was to get ahead in life. After a decade of lost relationships and missed opportunities, she’s ready to move on and desperate to do whatever it takes to get out of her rut. When Ruby meets Bryce, a handsome stranger at the town’s spring festival, his offer to turn fate to her favor seems too good to be true. But everything has a price, and Ruby learns that interfering with fate has bigger consequences than she realized. It leaves her to wonder who’s really controlling her life and who – or what – Bryce really is.
Source: Info in the About Move was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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Tour Promo Price: Use Coupon Code WW75A at Smashwords through August 1, 2014 to purchase this book for $1.50.


“Please state your name for the record.”

Simone stared at the detective sitting across the table with suspicious blue eyes. “You know who I am.”

Detective Claire Barnes fiddled with the digital recorder on the table between them. “I’m reinstating the formalities. Please state your name.”

“Simone Dawkins,” she said, pushing a strand of dark brown hair behind her ear.

“Simone, I’m going to cut to the chase. Is there anybody with your company that had a grudge against you?”

Simone’s raised her eyebrows. “Me?”

“Yes. You or any of the employees at Goodard Graphics.”

Simone stared at Detective Barnes defiantly, pulling her tall, thin body straight in the chair. “I think you know the answer to that question after all that’s happened. I don’t understand why you’re being this way.”

Detective Barnes creased her brow, confused. “I’m not sure what you’re talking about, so let’s get back to why you’re here. Now tell me, have you terminated anybody? Was anybody disgruntled? Were there office politics that might have pushed somebody over the edge?”

Simone set her jaw. “Somebody just tried to kill me and it’s obviously tied to the other crimes in Tanger Falls. Now please, I need your help.” She reached for the coffee cup in front of her but accidentally crushed it, spewing brown liquid over the steel table. “Do you have any napkins around here?”

“Forget the coffee; just answer the question.”

“No, this is a mess. We need to clean it up.”

“I don’t care about the coffee,” Detective Barnes said sternly. “This is the third crime on my case load in as many weeks. Now you’re saying somebody was trying to kill you. I think asking if anybody has a grudge against you is perfectly reasonable. So tell me, Simone Dawkins, who was pissed off enough to cause all of this chaos?”

Simone leaned back in her chair. “I can’t believe this. You keep going on as if you don’t know what’s happening.”

Detective Barnes glared at her. “I don’t know what’s happening, so please enlighten me.” She leaned forward. “This had to start somewhere. Where did it start, Simone? What set off this domino effect of madness?”

“I don’t know! Things were fine! Everything was fine until,” Simone broke off and her eyes widened in shock. “Oh God,” she moaned, tears welling in her eyes.

“What?” Detective Barnes said. “Please, anything helps.”

Tears rolled down Simone’s pale cheeks. “Three months ago.”

Detective Barnes stared at Simone waiting for more, but Simone sat silently, tears running down her cheeks. “Okay, this started three months ago? What happened?”

“I lied.”

“Just one time, or was it several times over the past three months?”

A sob wracked Simone’s body. “It kept going on and on and more people got involved. Before I knew it, everybody was tangled up in it.” She sniffed. “I didn’t mean for it to end this way.”

Detective Barnes pulled a wadded tissue from her pocket and handed it to Simone. “Who did you lie to?”

Simone looked toward the ceiling, the tears in her eyes glinting in the harsh light of the lamp hanging over the table. “Everybody. But I thought didn’t matter and I was wrong. I underestimated her. She does matter, and now she’s going to make me pay.”


Simone stared at Detective Barnes, a cold look in her eye. “Ruby Josen.”

Detective Barnes flipped through her notes. “I don’t understand. How?”

Simone shook her head. “I don’t know, but she’s the only one left. It has to be her. I just don’t understand how she did it. I don’t understand how she knew.”

“Knew what?”


Detective Barnes flipped to a fresh page in her notepad. “Let’s take this from the beginning. Tell me what happened.”

Meet The Author

About Sherri Fulmer Moorer:
Most writers start their bio with an explanation of who they are and why they write. I’ll make this simple. My name is Sherri Fulmer Moorer. I write because I’ve always loved to do it, and ebooks gave me an opportunity to share those stories with readers that I just couldn’t pass up. Plain and simple, I’m an opportunist. When the ebook revolution hit, I dove in because I wanted to be involved on the front end of this new wave. Who doesn’t want to be part of a revolution?

I write in a variety of genres because I can’t be pigeon holed into one area, and I’m many other things in addition to being an author. I work full time in professional licensing, which is great for keeping me in touch with people and reality and, in turn, inspires to write more. I’m married with two parrots that keep our hearts, home, and lives filled with joy and silliness that most people find strange. I’m a social media rambler, church volunteer and borderline introvert/extrovert who’s kindred spirit, according to online quizzes, is Scooter from The Muppets.

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