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Sunday, 2 August 2015

KENNA'S REVERIE Blog Tour & Giveaway

The Book

Kenna’s Reverie by Claire Granger
Book 1 of the Daydreaming series
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy

About Kenna’s Reverie:
Kenna is a pretty typical single mom. She takes her 5 kids to dance, soccer, and scouts. She just happens to make her living as an erotic book blogger. She has accepted the fact that she will probably always be single, until her dream fantasy man is sitting right in front of her.

Jax likes control. He’s never considered love or romance as an option, just as a necessary means to win a woman he’s interested in. So when he eyes a beautiful woman at a coffee shop and can’t stop thinking about her, he wonders what he has to do to possess her.

This is the hilarious story of two people who in a world of dreams are made for each other, but in reality could not be more incompatible. Will they find a way to make the dreams that live in their fantasies real, or are they destined to live without each other?

Author’s Note:
The Daydreaming novella series takes place in the same world as the Faultlines series and while there are many crossover elements, it is not the same story or direct sequel. While readers of that series will enjoy seeing characters in this series, you do not need to read one to read the other because it is not a direct sequel. This series is more erotic in nature, with lots of sexual situations, as well as a rather colorful choice of the English language (read- there’s a lot of swearing), so please note that this book is for mature audiences.
Source: Info in the About Kenna’s Reverie was from the press kit from the publicity team.


I sat in my usual seat in the corner of the coffee shop, sipping on an iced mocha and blogging. My chestnut curls were clipped up in a messy quick up-do, with a few tendrils popping out and covering my eyes. I blew away a few strands as I continued to type, focusing solely on my work.

As I finished, I ran spell check, then clicked the wonderful “publish” button. Oh, but it wasn’t done there. I had to then share the link on all of my social media accounts, as well as reply to comments from the day before.

You see, blogging is a full time job. For some, it may be a casual hobby; but for me, and for the true professional bloggers, it takes an obscene amount of hours to keep everything a well-oiled machine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I love my job. It is literally a dream come true to be able to read and blog and be paid to do so.

On this particular day, however, everything felt normal. What I was unaware of, however, was this day was the catalyst that would lead to a series of events that would change the course of my life.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic.

Either way, this day, to me, at that time, sitting in that corner booth, it felt like a normal day.

After several hours of hunching over my laptop and after three four okay it was five iced mochas, I was about to head out for the day.

I decided to check my Kindle and pick a book to read for the evening before leaving.

I swiped the screen and scrolled through my library, chewing on the end of a pencil as I looked through my vast collection, debating which novel I was going to dive into next.

Have you ever had that sense that someone was watching you? When all the little hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up, and you just KNOW that someone is watching?

Yeah. So that’s what happened next.

I looked up and around and spotted him.

How could I possibly describe that moment?

Blue eyes as light and clear as the sea, jet black hair left just long enough to be a perfect mix of pretentious and bad-boy, a perfectly tailored Armani suit, and day old stubble that made him appear like he stepped straight off of a Parisian runway and ended up in this tiny hipster coffee shop.

And he was staring. Right. At. Me.

Don’t get me wrong, Richmond is full of gorgeous guys. Not that I was the girl who had experience with them, but still.

This one, though, he took gorgeous to another level.

I blinked a few times and then started to pack my stuff into my bag, looking down and focusing on the task of getting out of there.

I felt the table lean slightly and looked up to see Mr. Sexy sitting across from me, with a penetrating gaze that made my heart skip just a few beats.

Again, I’m a little dramatic. Deal with it.

“Hello.” He said smoothly.

“Um….hi?” I squeaked out as a question.

“I’ve been watching you.” He said, eyeing me curiously.

“Yes, I noticed.” I said, trying my hardest to not sound unhinged.

What the hell is going on here?

“I’d like to take you out.” He stated.

Fuck me, I’d like to take you out, you gorgeous piece of man.

Instead of swooning, or responding as a normal single woman might react when a gorgeous specimen shows interest, what did I do?

I laughed.

Not even cute giggles. Nope. Snort, damn near peed my pants, hysterical laughter.

Nope, I’m not kidding.

“Is something funny?” he asked annoyed.

“Who put you up to this?” I said between laughs while wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Excuse me?” He questioned, eyes narrowing.

“Seriously, who was it? Victoria? Steph? Was it Amy? You tell whoever it was that payback is a bitch.” My laughter subsided, but I was still red from my episode. I fanned my face a little and stood up to leave.

I leaned in and winked at the walking orgasm and whispered. “Tell them they did good. You’re perfect.”

Then I sashayed out the door still giggling at the whole experience.

My van was parked right in front of the window, and when I climbed in I saw him still sitting at my table, but running his hands through his hair and looking exasperated.

I wondered if I ruined the joke by catching on so quickly. Maybe they wanted it to last a little longer. Well, jokes on them.


I started the ignition and looked up to see him standing and looking straight at me through the windows.

Hot damn that’s one gorgeous man. Sweet baby Jesus.

I shook my head laughing once more and headed out of the parking lot.

Meet The Author

About Claire Granger:
Claire grew up in Texas, but her family moved to Virginia in 2001. She now resides in Richmond with her husband, 4 children (2 sets of twins!), and their fur babies.

She blogs over at The Granger Bunch and has her first novel releasing this summer! "When Faults Collide" is a contemporary romance, the first of the "Faultlines" series! She is already working on book two of the series as well as a non fiction and a few other exciting projects!

She is passionate about racial identity and equality issues, foster care, adoption, and non-profits that work to help victims of sexual assault and trafficking.

She is shamelessly addicted to romance, erotica, dark/twisted/taboo, smutty, sexy, anti-hero, flawed hero, controlling, mind blowing books! Basically everything that would make her mother cry. ;)

She loves hearing from her readers- it keeps her going! Thank you so much for all of your continued support!


There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of Kenna’s Reverie. These are the prizes you can win:
- an e-copy of Kenna’s Reverie by Claire Granger
- a $25 Amazon gift card

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Saturday, 1 August 2015

SEDUCED BY THE MOON Release Blitz & Giveaway

The Book

Seduced By The Moon by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Genre: paranormal romance

About Seduced By The Moon:
Can blood ties be stronger than the passions that rule the heart?

Skylar Donovan has come to her late father’s Colorado cabin to find answers to explain his death. Instead she meets a handsome forest ranger with a dark side. A stranger who is willing to protect her from an unknown assailant. A stranger who also appears in her dreams as something other than a man. He’s werewolf, and he satisfies Skylar Donovan like no mere man ever has.

Gavin Harris was bitten by a monster in the hills he has sworn to protect and now searches for that beast. But his deadly mission unites him with a beautiful blonde bent on a search of her own. Neither is safe from the evil they’re stalking—but the forbidden lust that burns between them might be the greatest danger of all.
Source: Info in the About Seduced By The Moon was from the press kit from the publicity team.

Buy Link(s):
      iBook Buy  

Meet The Author

About Linda Thomas-Sundstrom:
Linda is the author of contemporary, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy books for Kensington, Amazon Montlake, GothicScapes, Harlequin Nocturne, and Harlequin Desire. She loves more than anything to write, and has a resident Muse who loudly sings all these stories to her.

Linda swears that all of her books come loaded with good karma for the readers, for helping to support her writing dreams.


$10 Amazon gift card & gift copy of the digital book

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Monday, 27 July 2015

DCI FRANK MERLIN Series Audiobook Giveaway

The Books

Princes Gate by Mark Ellis
Narrated by Matt Addis
Book 1 in the DCI Frank Merlin series
Genre: historical crime fiction

About Princes Gate:
January 1940. London. DCI Frank Merlin and his team are called in to investigate when a scientist is killed in a hit and run and the body of an employee of the American Embassy is discovered alongside the Thames.

Merlin’s investigation leads him to the office of the American Embassy and Ambassador Joseph Kennedy, a well-known supporter of appeasement. When another Embassy employee dies, Merlin, the charismatic detective, finds himself exploring the seedier parts of wartime London. A corrupt night-club owner, high-flying diplomats and the Ambassador himself appear to be linked to the events surrounding the deaths.

DCI Frank Merlin must solve the case without ruffling feathers at the embassy, or straining Anglo-American relations, at a time when America represents to many Britain’s only hope of salvation.
Source: Info in the About Princes Gate was from the press kit from the publicity team.

Buy Link(s):
        Audible Books         Buy from fishpond   The Book People

Stalin's Gold by Mark Ellis
Narrated by Matt Addis
Book 2 in the DCI Frank Merlin series
Genre: historical crime fiction

About Stalin's Gold:
December 1938. Moscow. Stalin has lost some gold. He asks his henchman, Beria, to track it down.

September 1940. London. DCI Frank Merlin investigates the disappearance of a Polish RAF pilot while battling an epidemic of looting unleashed by the Blitz. A compelling story of treasure, treachery, and murder unfolds.

Eventually, as Hitler reluctantly accepts that the defiance of the RAF has destroyed his chances of invasion, a violent shoot-out in Hampstead leads Merlin to the final truth...and Stalin to his gold.
Source: Info in the About Stalin's Gold was from the press kit from the publicity team.

Buy Link(s):
          Audible Books       Buy from fishpond

Meet The Author

About Mark Ellis:
Mark Ellis is a thriller writer from Swansea and a former barrister and entrepreneur. He is the creator of DCI Frank Merlin, an Anglo-Spanish police detective operating in World War 2 London. His books treat the reader to a vivid portrait of London during the war skilfully blended with gripping plots, political intrigue and a charismatic protagonist. Ellis’ books regularly appear in the Kindle bestseller charts. He is a member of the Crime Writers Association.

Meet The Narrator

About Matt Addis:
Matt Addis has worked extensively on stage and screen, most recently seen in the international tour of War Horse and in hit BBC comedy W1A. He's also a well-known voice to radio listeners, having appeared in hundreds of dramas, comedies and documentaries. He has narrated over a hundred unabridged audiobooks.


1. Entry is open to all UK residents aged 18 or over (including Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Scotland and Northern Ireland), except Audible.co.uk and Cherry Mischievous employees. Proof of age, identity and eligibility may be requested.

2. The competition will run from 27 July 2015 to 02 August 2015. During this time, entrants will be invited to answer a question about Princes Gate or Stalin’s Gold by Mark Ellis. The competition question will be provided by Cherry Mischievous.

3. The competition question will be live and accessible on Cherry Mischievous for the duration of the competition.

4. Entrants will be asked to fill out an online form hosted on Cherry Mischievous with the correct answer. Entrants will also be asked to provide a contact name and email address.

5. All answers will be judged and collated by Cherry Mischievous personnel. One winner will be chosen at random from the correct entries by Cherry Mischievous at the end of the two week competition period. Details of the competition winner will then be forwarded to Audible.co.uk in order to process the prize; TWO CREDITS from Audible.co.uk for Princes Gate or Stalin’s Gold by Mark Ellis.

6. In order to win the free audio download of Princes Gate or Stalin’s Gold by Mark Ellis from Audible.co.uk, competition winners must have an Audible.co.uk account and be able to provide a valid Audible.co.uk log-in email address with a UK billing address. Creating an Audible.co.uk account is free.

7. Winners will be notified by email on the day of the draw. Winners have five (5) business working days to respond in full to the email or another winner will be drawn.

8. This Audible.co.uk competition is free to enter and run. There is no cash alternative and the prize cannot be sold or transferred in any circumstances.

9. Audible.co.uk reserves the right to remove competitions from any host website at any time if they display offensive, abusive or any other kind of unsuitable content.

10. Audible.co.uk will only ever use personal details for the purposes of administering this competition.

11. Audible.co.uk reserves the right to: (i) amend these terms and conditions and vary the competition opening times; (ii) disqualify any entrant who breaches the rules or has acted fraudulently in any way; (iii) where applicable, withdraw or substitute any prize, at any stage, should any winner exhibit inappropriate or dangerous behaviour (iv) cancel the competition, at any stage, if in its opinion it is deemed necessary or if circumstances arise outside its control.

12. Audible.co.uk, its sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem which may result in failure to complete the prize audio download.

13. This competition accords with the Audible.co.uk Conditions of Use, details of which can be found at: http://www.audible.co.uk/mt/Conditions-of-Use?ref_=mn_anon-h_f6_cou

14. Once a winner has been chosen, the winner will be notified by email from Cherry Mischievous.

15. Privacy Notice: All information submitted to Audible in connection with this Competition will be treated in accordance with these Official Rules and Audible’s Privacy Notice available at http://www.audible.co.uk/privacy-policy

15. Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and to agree to be bound by them when entering.

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Monday, 13 July 2015

SHERLOCK ACADEMY Book Blast & Giveaway

The Book

Sherlock Academy by F. C. Shaw
Book 1 in the Sherlock Academy series
Genre: middle grade

About Sherlock Academy:
Teachers in disguise, secret libraries, hollow books . . .

All these and more await eleven-year-old Rollie Wilson at the mysterious Sherlock Academy of Fine Sleuths.

When Rollie and his best friend, Cecily, are invited to attend a school where children learn the art of detection just like the great Sherlock Holmes, they discover a strange burglary has been committed and a mystery is afoot. Determined to investigate, Rollie discovers that appearances can be deceiving, the truth can be hurtful, and friends sometimes turn into foes. Does Rollie have what it takes to follow in Holmes’s footsteps? Can he use his skills to solve the mystery and save the school from an unknown villain?
Source: Info in the About Sherlock Academy was from the press kit from the publicity team.

Buy Link(s):

Want a FREE Kindle verison of the book?

Sherlock Academy is now available in select Costcos throughout Utah, Idaho & Arizona. On your next trip, grab a copy! AND if you take a picture with the book and tag @FutureHousePub and @Costco on Twitter we’ll gift you a free Kindle version of the book!

The letter arrived by courier during breakfast.

“Go on, Rollie, read it aloud to us.” Mrs. Wilson, his mother, nudged his shoulder.

Rollie stared at the letter in his hand, his brown eyes wide with excitement.

“Who would send him mail?” Edward, an older brother, snorted.

“I don’t even get mail and I have a girlfriend,” Stewart, Edward’s twin, added.

“Maybe that’s it!” Edward exclaimed, grinning his lopsided smile. “Got a secret girlfriend, Rollie? I’ll bet it’s Cecily Brighton!”

“I wish I’d get a letter,” Lucille, a younger sister, pouted.

“Me too!” Daphne, her twin, chimed.

“Find a boyfriend and you’ll get mail,” Edward quipped.

Stewart slapped a high-five with his twin. The two teens snickered and elbowed each other.

“Stop it, boys. Let Rollie read it aloud,” Mrs. Wilson scolded as she brushed Rollie’s sandy-blond hair with her fingers.

Rollie cleared a dry throat unnecessarily. In a high voice common to boys of eleven years, Rollie read the letter aloud. When he was finished, the entire Wilson family started talking at once with high-handed opinions, as was their custom.

“Whoever heard of the Sherlock Academy?”

“Why Tuesday?”

“It’s the first of the month.”

“I want a letter!”

“Me too!”

“Get a boyfriend.”

Amidst all the banter around the breakfast table, Rollie sat silently regarding his hash browns, the only food he ever ate for breakfast. His middle fluttered with butterflies.

Praise for Sherlock Academy
For anyone who's ever wanted to be Sherlock Holmes, this is your chance. --Adam Glendon Sidwell, Bestselling Author of Evertaster

My students love this book, and have asked for it again and again. It makes them feel as if they are in the story; they keep wanting to know what might happen next. Delightful story that invites anyone who loves mystery to dig in and figure it out! – Amazon Customer

Books In The Sherlock Academy Series:

Meet The Author

About F. C. Shaw:
F.C. Shaw started writing stories when she was eight years old. She loves children's stories, Sherlock Holmes, and mysteries, so had to write a book combining all three. She spends her afternoons writing for kids, and her nights dreaming of new stories. She lives with her husband and two sons in a home they have ambitiously dubbed The Manor in California. When she's not plotting stories, she teaches visual arts in local schools and enjoys a good game of Scrabble.


BookBlast Giveaway

$50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash or a $50 COSTCO gift card

Ends 8/9/15

Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Amazon.com Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

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