Wednesday 25 May 2016


Justice Calling by Annie Bellet
Book 1 of The Twenty-Sided Sorceress series
Narrated by Folly Blaine
Genre: urban fantasy
Format: ebook & audiobookAudiobook

About Justice Calling:
Gamer. Nerd. Sorceress.

Jade Crow lives a quiet life running her comic book and game store in Wylde, Idaho. After twenty-five years fleeing from a powerful sorcerer who wants to eat her heart and take her powers, quiet suits her just fine. Surrounded by friends who are even less human than she is, Jade figures she’s finally safe.

As long as she doesn’t use her magic.

When dark powers threaten her friends’ lives, a sexy shape-shifter enforcer shows up. He’s the shifter world’s judge, jury, and executioner rolled into one, and he thinks Jade is to blame. To clear her name, save her friends, and stop the villain, she’ll have to use her wits… and her sorceress powers.

Except Jade knows that as soon as she does, a far deadlier nemesis awaits.

Justice Calling is the first book in The Twenty-Sided Sorceress urban fantasy series. Readers who enjoyed The Dresden Files or The Iron Druid Chronicles will likely enjoy this series.
Source: Info in the About Justice Calling was taken from GoodReads at on 04/04/2016.

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My Thoughts:
The book ended the current plot but left a lot hanging. Also the book is thin, worth two and a half hours listening time. An average length paperback is about roughly ten to fifteen hours long, so two hours is really thin. This shouts to us that there are more books in the series (as if we'd miss that glaring fact). The ending is a start of the next book which, although closed the plot, left off as a cliffhanger. I am not fond of cliffhangers, so that garnered a low rating with me. I like the story telling quality though. It's not as masterful as Ilona Andrews' but good enough to hook me as a reader. The world building is great too! It got shapeshifters and witches. Maybe we'll see elves and dwarves a few books down the line. Elements that catches my fantasy geek's attention. And I love the narration! The voice quality is not as soothing to the ears as Therese Plummer's but I love her narration anyways. In the end, it was a good read, seeing that it is a very short book. I would give it an overall entertainment value of four out of five.

Empirical Evaluation:
Story telling quality = 4
Character development = 4
Story itself = 4.5
Writing Style = 4.5
Ending = 3
World building = 4.5
Cover art = 4.5
Pace = (2 hrs and 35 mins listening time)
Plot = 4
Narration = 5

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 cherries

The Author
Annie Bellet
Annie Bellet is a full-time speculative fiction writer. She holds a BA in English and a BA in Medieval Studies and thus can speak a smattering of useful languages such as Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Welsh.

Her books include Avarice (Pyrrh Considerable Crimes Division: Book 1), A Heart in Sun and Shadow (Cymru That Was: Book 1), The Gryphonpike Chronicles series, and the Twenty-Sided Sorceress series.

Her interests besides writing include rock climbing, reading, horse-back riding, video games, comic books, table-top RPGs, and many other nerdy pursuits.

The Narrator
Folly Blaine
Folly Blaine writes fiction, narrates short stories and audiobooks, and shoots pictures in the Pacific Northwest.

She attended the Clarion West Writers Workshop in 2014.

Books In The Twenty-Sided Sorceress Series:

FTC Disclosure:
This book was purchased with private funds.
No money received for this review.

Wednesday 18 May 2016


The Book

Rebel Song by Amanda J. Clay
Book 1 in the Rebel Song series
Genre: urban fantasy

About Rebel Song:
The once prosperous European kingdom of Arelanda has been plagued with poverty and corruption since the failed rebellion tore it apart. Now, rebels stir again in the capital’s underbelly, vowing to depose the monarchy and overturn the unjust government.

Seventeen-year-old Rogan Elwood, son of a rebel leader executed for treason after the first rebellion, has borne a tainted legacy his entire life. As he is pulled deeper into conflict, Rogan must face his calling in the future of the rebel cause — waging his want for peace against his desire for vengeance. Everything changes when he falls for Elyra — beautiful, idealistic and determined to bring Arelanda a better future. She also just happens to be next in line to the throne — if the corrupt Minister General doesn’t beat her to it.

Caught in the midst of a budding civil war and surrounded by enemies on every side, Elyra and Rogan must fight to save themselves and their country — and choose between each other and their duty.
Source: Info in the About Rebel Song was taken from GoodReads at on 08/08/2016.

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Meet The Author

About Amanda J. Clay:
Amanda J. Clay is a California native currently residing in the beautiful and eclectic community of Berkeley, CA. When she's not staring at a computer screen, she spends most of her spare time plotting world adventures. Rebel Song is her first of many planned novels.

Wednesday 11 May 2016


The Book

The Vagrant by Peter Newman
Book 1 of the The Vagrant series
Read by Jot Davies
Genre: post-apocalyptic fantasy
Format: ebook & audiobookAudiobook

About The Vagrant:
Years have passed since humanity's destruction emerged from the Breach.

Friendless and alone he walks across a desolate, war-torn landscape.

As each day passes the world tumbles further into depravity, bent and twisted by the new order, corrupted by the Usurper, the enemy, and his infernal horde.

His purpose is to reach the Shining City, last bastion of the human race, and deliver the only weapon that may make a difference in the ongoing war.

What little hope remains is dying. Abandoned by its leaders, The Seven, and its heroes, The Seraph Knights, the last defences of a once great civilisation are crumbling to dust.

But the Shining City is far away and the world is a very dangerous place.
Source: Info in the About The Vagrant was taken from GoodReads at on 25/03/2016.

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My Thoughts:
This book is a slow start for me and it didn't really pick up until about two-thirds through. The slowness is not because of the story telling quality (which I like), but more of me having issues with some of the protagonists' actions than anything else. Some authors can carry insensitiveness and idiocy through with aplomb. This one hit a bit of a snag. Not big, mind. But a snag none-the-less. That brought the character development a few points down. But on the plus side, a factor which made me plod on with this book is the tantalizing idea of Vesper as hinted at in Book 2. I want to read more about Vesper but to do that I gotta read Book 1 first. Thus this book got read through. Now, post-apocalyptic worlds are not my kind of thing, but this one was woven beautifully. That brought the rating of this book up considerably.

I like Jot Davies's narration, but I think his reading is just a tad bit slow. No problem! I can set the reading to go faster in the audible app. Problem solved! Do I like the app? Heck, yeah!

Empirical Evaluation:
Story telling quality = 4
Character development = 3.5
Story itself = 3.5
Writing Style = 4
Ending = 4
World building = 4
Cover art = 4
Pace = (13 hrs and 25 mins listening time)
Plot = 4
Narration = 4

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 cherries

Books In The Vagrant Series:

The Author
Peter Newman
Peter Newman lives in Somerset with his wife and son. Growing up in and around London, Peter studied Drama and Education at the Central School of Speech and Drama, going on to work as a secondary school drama teacher. He now works as a trainer and Firewalking Instructor. He sometimes pretends to be a butler for the Tea and Jeopardy podcast, which he co-writes, and which has been shortlisted for a Hugo Award.

The Narrator
Jot Davies
Jot Davies is a television and voice actor who recorded dozens of audiobooks, including Ben Goldacre’s Bad Pharma and multiple works by Charles Cumming and Paul Strathern. In reviewing his narration of A Foreign Country, AudioFile magazine praises, “Davies’s narration ushers you in” and his “pacing fits the narrative,” calling his voice “a steady presence through the disparate events from the beginning to the satisfying conclusion.” Outside of narration, his acting credits include television shows Casualty, New Tricks and Hotel Babylon and the video game Haze.

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This book was purchased with private funds.
No money received for this review.

Monday 9 May 2016

NOVUS #BookBlast & #Giveaway

The Book

Novus by Crystal Marcos
Book 1 in The Cresecren Chronicles series
Genre: urban fantasy

About Novus:
Ideal for Hunger Games and Divergent fans, Crystal Marcos delivers Novus, a riveting novel set in a dystopian future of action-adventure, suspense, and romance. Intriguing characters and a gripping storyline keep the reader turning page after page.

Being a teenager is hard enough. And what if your life’s path is predetermined? On top of that, you aren’t even Human?

Cayden was given life as a Cresecren. He expected to live out his days with the dysfunctional Human family he was assigned to serve. One fateful night, however, landed him in Gavaron, the home of maimed, elderly, or defiant Cresecren.

Beyond its borders is the Den, an area much more dangerous than he ever imagined. Now seventeen, Cayden unwittingly becomes involved in a conspiracy and is one of a handful of survivors fleeing a deadly attack. They set off on a perilous journey in search of refuge and the truth. Along the way, Cayden begins to comprehend the difference between fully living and merely surviving, while trying to balance his emotions and a forbidden love.
Source: Info in the About Novus was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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“How can I believe you after you just told me you are a liar!” I jumped to my feet. I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to know her story and what her life consisted of, but how would I know if she was telling me the truth?

“Please don’t go. Sit back down.” She patted the space I just left. I stood looking at her, thoroughly confused. “I am ready to tell you who Linnayah really is. I am tired of being deceitful. I need to tell you as only then can you decide what you want. But know one thing for certain, I am NEVER going back! NEVER! That Linnayah is dead!”

I stared into her sorrowful eyes. I sat back down. “It is not as though I have anywhere else to be. I think Alecander and Bentum can figure out our next move. Besides, I would rather not watch Famous drool as he sleeps.”

Her face relaxed, showing me a small smile. “Just promise me one thing.”

“I have never promised anyone anything.”

“I would be honored to be the first,” Linnayah said. I saw weakness and desperation in her eyes.

“What is it you want me to promise?”

“Promise me that how you felt about me when you climbed that ladder just moments ago will not change no matter what I tell you.”

Praise for the Book:

~”Official Selection” Winner in the Young Adult category, 2015 New Apple Book Awards!~

~Winner Best Books in the Young Adult category, 2016 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards!~

NOVUS (The Cresecren Chronicles, Book 1) has recently received two book awards! To celebrate the eBook will be on SALE for $1.99 until 5/15/2016

Reviewed by Kim Anisi for Readers’ Favorite- 5 STARS

“Novus by Crystal Marcos is one of those gems that make you care about the characters within the story, and while you definitely want to know what happens to them, you can’t help but also not want to get to the end of the book. It’s the kind of book whose characters you miss when you finish the book.”

Meet The Author

About Crystal Marcos:
Award-winning author Crystal Marcos has been a storyteller her entire life. As the oldest of five children, she had to do a lot of entertaining. She lives on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State with her husband, daughter Kaylee, and infant son Jaxon. Crystal is the author of BELLYACHE: A Delicious Tale and HEADACHE: The Hair-Raising Sequel to BELLYACHE. Novus, her third book and first Young Adult novel, is Book One of The Cresecren Chronicles.


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