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GET TEMPTED Book Blitz & Giveaway


You have written a lot of romance books, what attracts you to this genre? Do you also read a lot of romance books?

I love everything about romance. From Romanticism in art and the way it privileges strong emotions as an aesthetic, to the way romantic love is the foundation for marriage and family. My home is full of romantic paintings, I can quote the Romantic poets (“A thing of beauty is a joy forever!”) and I put a lot of hard work into my personal HEA. But then, I’m a sensitive, emotional sort of person. The first romance I ever read was probably Wuthering Heights, although it certainly wouldn’t qualify as a romance novel. Mixed in with the more literary romances I came across as a teen were also a few Silhouette books that I adored. I still love both kinds of romances. Today, I don’t read nearly as much as I would like to, but that’s the mixed blessing of being a writer. My days are still spent with words, but I’m writing them! Still, I read as much as I possibly can because I enjoy our genre tremendously.
Joanne Rock

Get Tempted… with four of Joanne Rock’s Temptations!

This is my stop during the Get Tempted book blitz. This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours.

Joanne Rock writes sexy romance for Harlequin Blaze. Now, for the first time, you can read the books that launched her career before Blaze-- Joanne’s fun and sexy Harlequin Temptation novels in Kindle and NOOK! Read her Golden Heart winning book, Learning Curves and her first RITA finalist book, One Naughty Night, which is also her most reprinted book around the world. All of Joanne’s Temptation books won multiple awards and paved the way to her long career in Blaze. Join her as she celebrates this fun walk down memory lane with hard-to-find books you’ll love!

The Books

Learning Curves by Joanne Rock
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

About Learning Curves:
Sociology scholar Madeline Watson can't wait to undertake the study of human mating rituals for her dissertation. Too bad the university thinks upstanding Madeline has spent too much time in the ivory tower to undertake such an earthy subject. Now she needs to shed her good girl image in a hurry, and she knows just the man to help her.

Mechanic-turned-business mogul Cal Turner might teach part time at the university, but he's definitely not ready to provide the proper Miss Watson with the kind of lessons she's looking for. Besides, despite his long-standing reputation as a rebel, Cal is ready to turn his life around now that guardianship of his younger sister is on the line.

Once Maddy decides to turn herself into bad girl extraordinaire, Cal has no choice but put out the fire in her wake. Will he be able to bring her to her senses, or will he get caught up in the blaze along with her?
Source: Info in the About Learning Curves was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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Learning Curves Excerpt:
…For the first time since he'd picked Maddy up at her doorstep, Cal allowed his gaze to travel slowly up her legs and over her curves in the dim lights from over the garage's reception desk. The professor wanted love lessons? Well, by God, he'd do his best to make sure he taught her well before she found herself another tutor. No way would he let this sweet woman fall into the hands of some slam-bam-thank you-ma'am clod.

She flashed him her "A plus" grin, making his mouth go dry as chalk dust. Her faith in him was a bracing reminder that this woman wasn't just another fling. No matter how scientifically professor Maddy approached this business of seduction, nothing would ever be the same between them after tonight. He had to make their time together something she would never, ever forget.

"What about tonight's lesson in seduction?" He had been wanting to touch her for four years. He didn't think he could wait for her any longer.

At the door, she paused. She looked up at him with her most infectious bad girl grin. "I've decided there would be nothing more seductive than to learn among pink bubbles."

Oh, God. Where on earth did little Miss Innocent come up with erotic ideas like this? He waited for a moment, trying to envision how he could accommodate her without getting them both killed by twirling brushes.


Her soft request undid him, made him ready to slay dragons or heavy car wash equipment if need be. He leaned over her, powerless to keep his hands off her another minute.

Her eyes closed when his hand brushed around her waist, tangling in the length of her silky brown hair. She slid slender arms around his neck. Cal braced himself on the glass door behind her, the thrum of the machines vibrating though the barrier and up his arms to shake his whole world.

Her lips tilted toward him. He wanted nothing more than to accept that tempting offer and lose himself in her kiss, but first he would make sure this was one lesson she'd never forget. He scooped her off her feet, into his arms and backed them through the service door…

Revealed by Joanne Rock
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

About Revealed:
A bachelor party seems an unlikely place to find romance, until the best man runs off with the reluctant stripper… When her costume ends up falling around her ankles in an impromptu striptease, Jackie Brady realizes she just sang to the wrong party. Somehow these bachelors weren't expecting "Happy Birthday"-even if it was a rather revealing rendition. But the steamy look in gorgeous best man Greg De Costa's eyes tells her he's more than pleased she crashed the party. So what harm would there be in accepting bachelor number two's seductive invitation? Greg is spellbound by this sexy singer-even before she loses her costume! He definitely wants to know more about the sensual Jackie. But, through a not-so-funny twist of fate they're working together and he's vowed never to mix business with pleasure. Too bad the memory of her scorching kisses has him forgetting about his good intentions…
Source: Info in the About Revealed was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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Revealed Excerpt:
Jackie started to panic when her tail fell off for the third time. Thank God for duct tape or her fuzzy pants could have well been down around her ankles before she danced her way into the restaurant.

She finished her costume adjustments and smoothed her glued-on whiskers just as the elevator doors slid open. Careful not to tread on her ailing tail, she stepped into the penthouse level eatery of a downtown Boston brownstone. Now all she needed to do was locate the birthday boy, sing her telegram song, and then she could reclaim her Friday night as her own.

So what if her stint as a singing telegram wasn't exactly rocket science? It paid more than her daytime work as a copywriter. Both jobs were only a means to an end anyway. She was prepared to abide a few sacrifices to achieve her dream of being a composing children's music.

Besides, there was a certain nobility in any job that involved making people happy. A nobility that could scarcely be diminished by the kitty ears perched on her head. The squeak of her tennis shoes on the polished wooden floor resounded throughout the dining area. Patrons paused between bites of mozzarella sticks and greasy chicken wings to note the cat woman strolling in their midst.

Not that Jackie cared.

But then, she'd been causing too much commotion all of her life. There was the time she decided to sing the elements of the periodic table for her science fair project. Sure she'd ruffled the feathers of all the kids who'd made robots, but she'd taken second place at the state competition. Then, just last week she'd gone out on a limb at a singing audition by transforming a rendition of a melodic herbal store jingle into a semi-tuneful Tarzan-inspired jungle cry.

Jackie was no stranger to turning heads. Or taking risks. Sometimes they paid off, like the science fair victory. Sometimes they landed her back on the pavement singing telegrams, as last week's unsuccessful audition proved.

Still, she wondered how she'd gotten suckered into this last minute singing assignment when all she'd wanted to do tonight was recharge her creative batteries and develop some new song concepts. She'd had an idea rattling around in her brain-- some rough lyrics for a new diet soda commercial she would polish and put on her demo tape. But the Zing-O-Gram office temp had sounded so desperate when she'd called, Jackie had no choice but to cover tonight's late breaking gig.

Just her luck, she had to be the only Zing-O-Gram employee on call without a date lined up for a Friday night. Nothing new there. Sure she had plenty of offers. Heck, the cat get-up on its own could usually elicit a few dinner invitations in the course of an evening.

But never from the right sort of guys. Jackie wanted a man who knew how to have a good time— someone who cared more about following his heart and his dreams than the Almighty Buck. Boston was full of gorgeous men, but they all seemed to be on a relentless career fast track that Jackie refused to enter.

Too bad.

She would locate Gregory the birthday boy, sing him a cute song for his special day, and be on her way back to her solo Friday night. She'd be fine without a man in her life, and she'd be fine getting through tonight's performance.

Assuming she didn't burst a seam on this two sizes too small cat costume first.

Jackie took slow, shallow breaths to ensure the black fuzzy suit stayed in place. She could handle this as long as she kept her song in a manageable octave. Those high notes had been known to strain even the best of seams-- she sure as heck wasn't about to try shattering any glass outfitted in this feline shrink-wrap. She'd just keep the tune in a comfortable range and she'd have no problem staying in her garb.

She was singing a simple ditty at a birthday party for a six-year old boy. What could possibly go wrong?

Tall, Dark and Daring by Joanne Rock
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

About Tall, Dark and Daring:
Her dare

Tessa O’Neal has taken on her sexy old flame, Mitch Ryder, as a client. That means she has to spend the next seven days in this man’s constant company and not fall into his bed. No problem. They may have once set the sheets on fire but she can definitely resist him. After all, that was then, this is now and she got him out of her system long ago.

His challenge

Mitch has never forgotten the passionate time he spent with Tessa. And he wants to relive it. So before the week is up, he’s going to use every sensual secret he knows to seduce her back into his arms. But their hot embraces are more powerful than ever and now they’ll have to decide if they’re daring enough to extend their week…
Source: Info in the About Tall, Dark and Daring was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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Tall, Dark and Daring Excerpt:
"So you'll take a truth over a dare?" Ines asked Tessa, crossing her braceleted arms.

"Any day." Tessa would much rather reveal some inane secret of her past than sing a chorus of "It's Raining Men" out on the South Beach strip.

How much trouble could she get in with a simple game over drinks with her girlfriend?

Ines smiled. "Remember, you have to tell the truth."

Tessa sighed. "I hope you don't expect me to cross my heart and stick a needle in my eye and all that."

"I trust you. You still want to take the truth?"

"Sometime today. Yes." Tessa stared down at her empty ring finger where Rob's engagement diamond had rested just this morning.

"Are you still in love with Mitch Ryder?"

The name blasted away all thoughts of Rob and his ring.

Mitch Ryder. The first man she'd ever been with. The man she couldn't help but compare all others to.

The wretch who'd ditched her to travel the world with a snowboarding team.

Her foggy brain realized she was taking too long to answer. "What kind of question is that?"

"It's the kind I want an answer to," Ines replied as she waved away their waiter.

"I can't answer that," Tessa returned, indignant on her own behalf. "That was eight years ago!" She waved the waiter back and ordered another round. She refused to make this a night of sappy regrets.

Ines leaned across the table when their server left. "Then you have to take a double dare."

"Fine." She was too annoyed to care about the consequences of a double dare.

Of course, she most certainly was not still hung up on Mitch Ryder. She'd had one husband and one fiancé since then, so how could she be? The point was, she just didn't want to discuss Mitch with anyone.

Especially not with Ines who could pry confessions from a priest if given half a chance. Besides, Tessa knew she might harbor just a little affection for the guy-- even if he had walked away from the hottest affair ever to scorch across the Northeast.

"Are you sure you don't want to just answer the question?" Ines prodded.

The next round of drinks arrived, and Tessa raised her shot glass full of jiggling cherry alcohol in mock salute. "That chapter of my life is closed and I'm not talking, so bring on the double dare, girlfriend. I'm ready."

Ines retrieved her purse from the floor and pulled out a manila file folder with the Westwood Marketing seal on one corner. "Then I'd like to reopen the book, so to speak." She passed the file to Tessa.

A business dare? It was unlike Ines to challenge her with something so mundane, and something Tessa would actually enjoy. Tessa loved a good test of her marketing skills.

Curious, she opened the file and stared down at the business name on the cover sheet.

Mogul Ryders Snowboards.

Proprietor: Mitch Ryder.

"Meet your new client, Tessa. I'm sending you to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York for your last week on the job." Ines sipped her wine as calmly as if she'd just announced she'd decided to paint her bathroom. "I hear there's lots of snow on the ground."

"What?" Tessa's heart kicked up a rhythm so fast her blood outpaced the salsa music. Ines expected her to go back to the scene of her long ago affair and work with the man who'd turned her world upside down? "That's not a double dare, Ines, that's blackmail!"

"You are right that's not a double dare, querida. That's just the first part."

"There's more?" The file folder fell closed in her hand as Tessa waited for the other shoe to drop. She suspected the bunny hop would be a walk in the park compared to whatever torture Ines had cooked up.

"Si." Ines's self-satisfied grin revealed every tooth. "I dare you to stay out of his bed for the whole week, Tessa."

A week? Last time she hadn't been able to stay out of his bed for three days. The man was a walking aphrodisiac.

And somehow, Tessa had the feeling she'd just agreed to a lethal dose.

One Naughty Night by Joanne Rock
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

About One Naughty Night:
One naughty woman…

The sweet, innocent blonde on the dance floor is way out of her league in this hot, singles club. And the minute Renzo Cesare recognizes that, his protective instincts step up to the plate while he tries to rescue her. If that means pretending to be Esme Giles's blind date, well, so be it. But before he can escort her to safety, she starts whispering some not so innocent suggestions in his ear. How is a guy supposed to be noble when all he can think about is hitting the sheets?

One naughty man…

Esme Giles is turning over a new leaf-starting with a seduction. Sure, it's a bold move for her reserved self, but one look at her sexy date and she'll do almost anything to convince this hottie to spend a sizzling night with her. Too bad he's the wrong man! But Renzo's red-hot kisses convince her that she's found the right man…for more than just a night!

And a bed that's just right!
Source: Info in the About One Naughty Night was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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One Naughty Night Excerpt:
…Renzo could not, should not, would not, get any more involved with Esme. The whole charade had been ill conceived and it would be least embarrassing for all parties concerned if he simply said good night to her right now.

Just as soon as he knew she was safely inside her room.

Once they cleared the Moulin Rouge Lounge and hit the bank of elevators, she paused, fishing in her purse.

"I'm on the fourth floor in the Sensualist's Suite. Maybe I'd better find my key." She shook her purse as the elevator arrived. Apparently convinced the key lay within the white satin bag, Esme began the search with determination etched on her delicate jaw line.

"The Sensualist's Suite?" He had no idea why he tortured himself by asking as they stepped inside the elevator.

Maybe because liars deserved to be tortured.

Withdrawing the plastic card from her bag as they soared up to the necessary floor, Esme's cheeks flushed lightly. "It's the kind of room that has to be seen to be believed. I had no idea the accommodations here were so…" Her eyes darted about the tiny elevator cabin—outfitted in soft brown suede walls and decorated with a fake leopard print covered bench— as if in search of the right word. Finally, her gaze landed on him. "…so sexy."

His body twitched in reaction to the word rolling off her tongue. In reaction to their proximity in the quiet privacy of the small space.

The torture had officially begun…

Meet The Author

About Joanne:
Joanne Rock fell in love with reading at a young age and stayed out of trouble- mostly- as a teen thanks to long stints at her local library where she routinely checked out as many books as a bicycle basket would carry. She still pronounces all the names of the Greek gods incorrectly because she learned them through reading- a small price to pay for the vast amount of knowledge she gained from books! She started writing when the voices in her head kept her awake at night, demanding she tell their stories. A successful romance author and former Golden Heart winner, she’s penned dozens of books for a variety of Harlequin series and has been nominated for the prestigious RITA award three times. Her work is reprinted around the globe and has been translated into twenty different languages. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s cheering on her three sons in sporting endeavors of every variety.


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