Monday 10 November 2014

WHOLE IN THE CLOUDS Book Tour & Giveaway

The Book

Whole In the Clouds by Kristine Kibbee
Genre: middle grade / urban fantasy

About Whole In the Clouds:
Cora Catlin is a misfit at best, and an outcast at worst. She feels out of place, as if everything is backward and something is missing from her life.

And then, on her first day of middle school, everything changes.

When Cora encounters an elfin stranger who speaks of the magical world Clouden, an entire kingdom hidden up in the sky, she can’t wait to leave her boring, humdrum life behind. As Cora travels to her new home, where children sprout from the ground and rivers flow with chocolate, she finds herself transformed—and if that weren’t enough, she has to adjust to royal parents, talking Pegasuses, a raging war, and an alluring love interest as well.

Exploring this new land, Cora unearths wonders and secrets beyond her wildest imaginings, discovering the meaning of true friendship, love, and what it means to feel whole
Source: Info in the About Whole In the Clouds was from the press kit from the publicity team.

a Zharmae Publishing title

Meet The Author

About Kristine Kibbee:
Kristine Kibbee is a Pacific Northwest native with a love of language, nature, and animals. Kristine’s passion for creative writing began in her early youth and led her to Washington State University, where she earned a degree with a concentration in professional writing. Kristine has since had works published in The Vancougar, The Salal Review, S/tick Literary Review, and she is a featured columnist in the nationally syndicated magazine, Just Frenchies.

From the small town of Castle Rock, Washington, nestled among 22 acres of towering fir trees, Kristine relishes time spent outdoors with her two French bulldogs and one husband. She dreams of making the everyday world more magical with her fantasy novels.

Whole in the Clouds is her first middle grade novel.

Q&A with Kristine:
Did you always intend on writing for teens/tweens/inbetweens? No, I don’t think I’ve necessarily targeted a specific age demographic but in retrospect I feel like there is a wealth of material out there for adults, young children and the more mature sect of teenagers while tweens have little to choose from. It’s such an impressionable time in a person’s life. They need good material to inspire them!

Who (or what) inspires you to write, and who (or what) influences your writing? I would say that everyday things inspire me to write. Seeing ordinary things and wondering what would transpire if a magical element were introduced inspires me to want to put pen to page. I’m also a visual person so hearing tell of particular sights & places can inspire images in my mind, which compels me to write about them.

Is there something (like a message or idea) that you want or hope your readers will pull out of Whole in the Clouds? I hope that readers realize there is love and companionship out there. Simply because you are different from others and they do not accept you, it doesn’t mean that you are in any way faulty. There ARE people out there who will love and accept you, regardless of what your appearance or circumstances may be. In the end, a true heart will shine through.


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