Thursday 7 August 2014

THE RIGHT CHORD Book Blast & Giveaway

The Book

The Right Chord by RoseAnn DeFranco
Book 3 in the Brothers Of Audubon Springs series
Genre: contemporary romance

About The Right Chord:
Years in the cutthroat L.A. music industry have Kit Maggio yearning for love and acceptance in her hometown, Audubon Springs. Her position as a Theater Arts professor doesn't erase years of being shoved aside by her family. Her baby sister is getting married, and her high school sweetheart doesn't recognize her. Will she ever find what she needs?

Vince Iuliano never imagined he'd be a single dad. Vowing no woman will ever again break his daughter's heart, he focuses on providing a happy and stable home. But when the love of his life rents the house next door, can he take a chance on happiness?

Vince never forgot Kit. Setting out to earn her forgiveness, they fall back into the rhythm of love and heat, much like the songs they wrote as teens. When L.A. calls, will Kit go, or stay and write her greatest love song?
Source: Info in the About The Right Chord was from the press kit from the publicity team.

Kit couldn’t believe the extent to which she’d lost control. Vince standing in front of her, soaking wet, and looking about as sexy as she’d ever seen a man, brought out all her basic animal instincts. She wanted him, plain and simple. Unfortunately, those few moments of insanity were about to cost her. He’d always been the one. No other relationship would have ever worked, because she compared everything to the litmus test of this heat, this connection, this indefinable thing that only ever existed between the two of them.

“Kit?” Her name, spoken like a song, fell from his lips a second time.

“You don’t get to do that.” She steadied her hands by grabbing on to the openings of her robe and pulling them shut. The thin fabric now damp from being pressed against his hot, wet body. In his arms, the water steamed, scorching her. Away from him, she shivered.

“I didn’t do it alone.” It pleased her to see him breathless and unsteady. Please, dear God, let him feel the same.

“No, you don’t get it. I will not…” Tears gathered in her eyes and she steeled herself against them. “I refuse to be that woman for you.”

“What woman?”

“The convenient woman!” Anger won out over tears. “I refuse to ever be with you again by default.”

“What are you talking about?” He threw his arms out to his sides, a man lost at sea.

She was going to have to spell it out for him.

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Meet The Author

About RoseAnn DeFranco:
RoseAnn DeFranco grew up in upstate NY with her nose in a book and a song in her heart. Following the pursuit of a musical theatre career in NYC, she turned her creative energy to writing funny, steamy romance with heart. A NJ shore transplant, she enjoys time spent at the beach with her family and would love to one day live in a quaint shore town like the fictional town from her BROTHERS OF AUDUBON SPRINGS series. More information about these Contemporary Romantic Comedies can be found at


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