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Wednesday 26 January 2011


A chance to showcase your favourite!
  • First you grab our Wicked Wednesday pic.
  • Then you grab a book. Turn to page 28. Take the first sentence. And then you post it in your site with a link back to WW28.
  • Come back to Cherry Mischievous - WW28 and give us the url of your post (in a comment at a WW28 post) so that other WW28 readers can find your WW28 offering.
WW28 book offering : Lady Of Light And Shadows by CL Wilson
Page 28, 1st Sentence:
It was a tasty brew, to be sure, but nothing that made him want to sit up and purr.
Males are males, no matter the species...

About Lady of Light And Shadows:
Book 2 of the Tairen Soul series
Since her earliest memories, Ellysetta Baristani has feared magic, even as she has been inexorably drawn to all things Fey, especially the poetry and legends of Rain Tairen Soul. Now claimed as Rain’s truemate and no longer able to deny her own magic, Ellysetta is swept into the very center of a struggle filled with the magic and darkness she has always feared. The High Mage of Eld wants to capture her. The most murderous dahl’reisen who ever lived wants her dead. And her enemies will corrupt even the people she loves most in their quest to claim her magic for themselves.
Source: Info in the About Lord Of The Fading Light was taken from the author's website at http://www.clwilson.com/books1.htm on 13/10/10.


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Hey honey! Just wanted to pop in to see how you were doing! Hugs to you!

Cherry said...

Hiya Cecile! Thank you for cropping by! :)

Tales of Whimsy said...

That is an awesome tease.
It left me smiling and wondering :)

Blodeuedd said...

Must read book 1!

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