Saturday 26 April 2014


The Wolf In Winter by John Connolly
Read by Jeff Harding
Book 12 of Charlie Parker series
Genre: paranormal crime fiction
Format: ebook & unabridged audiobook

About The Wolf In Winter:
Prosperous, and the secret that it hides beneath its ruins . . .

The community of Prosperous, Maine has always thrived when others have suffered. Its inhabitants are wealthy, its children's future secure. It shuns outsiders. It guards its own. And at the heart of the Prosperous lie the ruins of an ancient church, transported stone by stone from England centuries earlier by the founders of the town . . .

But the death of a homeless man and the disappearance of his daughter draw the haunted, lethal private investigator Charlie Parker to Prosperous. Parker is a dangerous man, driven by compassion, by rage, and by the desire for vengeance. In him the town and its protectors sense a threat graver than any they have faced in their long history, and in the comfortable, sheltered inhabitants of a small Maine town, Parker will encounter his most vicious opponents yet.

Charlie Parker has been marked to die so that Prosperous may survive.
Source: Info in the About The Wolf In Winter was taken from on 10/04/2014.

My Thoughts:
I find this book kind of slow start. I don't know if it was me in a reading slump or if the book is just slow start. Either way, it contributed to the book's slow pace rating even though I was reading it on the kindle with a whisper sync audiobook narration. Meaning I was reading the ebook with Jeff Harding reading it for me in my earphone. And that is one of my favourite ways of reading! However, amazon has not quite ironed out some kinks in the sync software and the hitches were annoying.

In the previous book, The Wrath Of Angels, one loose thread was left hanging. Who hired Jackie? I was hoping that would be answered in this book. But it seems I have to wait for Book 13 to find out. And now even more loose threads are hanging... Which brought the rating of this book a notch down... but see, the story telling quality is masterful, so one can't really give this book a low rating even with the less-than-superb story building. And then again there is the memorable character development. I always loved Angel and Louis. It's one of the things I look forward to whenever a Charlie Parker installment comes out. And in this book I was treated to a good helping of Angel and Louis! Yay!! I think it's their conversations that makes them interesting. Among other things. So despite the slightly insubstantial or fluffy story, still can't give this book a low rating.

Empirical Evaluation:
Story telling quality = 5
Character development = 5
Story itself = 3.5
Ending = 3.5
World building = 4.5
Cover art = 4
Pace = (15 hrs and 17 mins listening time)
Plot = 3.5
Narrator = 5

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 cherries

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