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My Top Five Movies or Programs Which Have Inspired Me
The first program which inspired me to write a short fantasy story, called, "You fell on my car" was when I was watching Judge Judy. I remember this lady expressly tell the sarcastic yet blunt judge that a man fell onto her car and I kept thinking, how is that possible? Unless he jumped from a great height? Obviously the woman meant something else, but how she phrased the incident, got me thinking. This then lead to a short story where it was based within a court room and a woman was suing this man from damaging her car, however, the man refused to give evidence as then he'd have to 'out' himself as a superhero as he wants his identity kept a secret. It was just a simple line which gave me inspiration for this.

One story I am about to publish on Wattpad was adapted from the programs Ghost Adventures and Most Haunted and their experiences. The inspiration came directly from what these ghost hunters heard or saw and I wondered if I could write a story using a "spirit therapist" being able to actually interact with these spirits instead of being vague in detail of their appearance or what they got from a Spirit Box. The story, which I've named "The Cursed Hill" surrounds the Pendle Witch Trials, similar to Salem, but they happened in England. The entire story wouldn't have started if I didn't have an interest in ghosts or spirits and weren't showed to me in such varied ways within these two programs.

My third inspiration for a story came from a Japanese anime, called Origin. Not only did the music inspire me but the concept of a girl waking up to discovering her world was so far in the past that everything she had come to love, had gone. "The Last Rein" is based on a girl waking up, but she wakes up in a human morgue. Her story is that she is the last of her kind and the world in which she lives in, its inhabitants blame her and her race for almost destroying the entire world. The concept is similar to Origin, but "The Last Rein" is more sci-fi with aliens, technology and a little bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure.

One story was inspired by the movie, "Sleepy Hollow" with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. The short story, entitled, "Toy Box" has a Sleepy Hollow-esque feel at the beginning. It opens out with a man on an eerie road at midnight and I pictured it near the resting place of the Huntsman. This man is the son of a grave digger and has an plot to summon the devil and kill the children of his town by the use of a Toy Box that was granted to him, by the Devil himself. Of course I also like factual instances in my books and tied the box in with a downed German pilot from World War 2, who was beaten by the local woman of the village where the Toy Box still rests and the man was placed in the attic and left there for the Toy box to swallow him up. Though I don't go into such grizzly detail of the German pilot's demise.

My last story that gave me great inspiration was Angels and Demons. It was the Vatican itself and the rules and regulations around this country that played an integral part to my 2nd book "The Uprising" in a series called the "Barcode Series" and having already been to the Vatican and seeing it again in a different light, gave me a multitude of inspiration into the detail, the security and the history of the world's smallest city.

I hope you have enjoyed this guest post and I hope you are inspired in various ways, as I have been.

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." Jack London

The Book

Loving In Time by AE Kirk
Genre: Urban Fantasy YA

About Loving In Time:
High school student Helen Xenakis is not just a teenager, she is also a Princess of Sparta. When her guards travel to her time, from the past, they take her back to the time of Trorian war, but there is someone that threatens her new regal life. Can Helen truly have her soul-mate or is her heart destined to be for someone else? And when a tragedy occurs, will she take up the mantel to do what needs to be done?
Source: Info in the About Loving In Time was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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Meet The Author

About Abi:
Abi Kirk is a writer of sorts. Mostly she writes about fantasy or science-fiction for young adults and or horror for adults. After teaching and traveling most of Asia in 2012 and early 2013, Abi now lives in Devon, UK and is constantly inspired by the views of the sloping, idyllic landscapes around her.

She got her inspiration to write this book while competing for a Writers Competition on Wattpad in 2011, and after coming in joint second, Abi was guided by her fans and readers to seek out publishers.

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