Thursday 27 May 2010

Review: SABRIEL by Garth Nix

Sabriel by Garth Nix
Book 1 of the Old Kingdom trilogy

Genre: dark fantasy

About Sabriel:
For many years Sabriel has lived outside the walls of the Old Kingdom, away from the random power of Free Magic, and away from the Dead who won't stay dead. But now her father, the Charter-Mage Abhorsen, is missing, and to find him Sabriel must cross back into that world.

Though her journey begins alone, she soon finds companions: Mogget, whose seemingly harmless feline form hides a powerful -- and perhaps malevolent -- spirit, and Touchstone, a Charter-Mage long imprisoned by magic, now free in body but still trapped by painful memories.

With threats on all sides and only each other to trust, the three of them must travel deep into the Old Kingdom, toward a battle that will pit them against the true forces of life and death -- and bring Sabriel face-to-face with her own hidden destiny.

A tale of dark secrets, deep love, and dangerous magic!

SABRIEL is the first book in the Abhorsen trilogy.
Source: Info in the About Sabriel was taken from the books' official website at on 22/05/2010.

My Review:
Fast-paced page-turner. The storytelling quality is very compelling. Nix gives us characters which will stay with a reader long after one has finished reading the book. World building is beautifully woven that a reader can suspend disbelief effortlessly. Simply masterpiece.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 cherries


  1. I've read this and the second book, Lirael, but I just couldn't make it to the end of the final book in the trilogy, Abhorsen ... it got to the point where the story just dragged and was so boring :s Hope you enjoy it more than I did!

  2. I enjoyed all three books in this trilogy! Loved it!! :) Sorry to hear you didn't like Abhorsen enough to finish it :( Hope another series would perk you up :)

  3. A masterpiece? Wow! Awesome recommendation :)

  4. I love this book! I've re-read it so many times. It was one of my first fantasy-ish books and still remains so dear to me. Ah, the memories of staying up late reading this book. :D I definitely agree, a true masterpiece!

  5. Juju - I mean it when I say this one is a masterpiece!

    Anna ♥ - know what you mean sistah!

  6. Oh my..These books are going straight in my wish list !


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