Saturday 7 November 2009


*Win Witch & Wizard (WWW) contest*
This is the latest James Patterson book due to be released in December 14, 2009. Want to get your hands on it before then? Like it for free? You can win this book by answering these questions:
If you can be a superhero, which one would you be? And why?
Post your answer in a comment here.

Please note that if you win, you agree to do a review on this book and post it on the internet. Does not matter where, just give me the url of your review for verification. The review does not always have to be positive. An honest review is encouraged.

To gain extra chances of winning:
+1 entry credit - re-post this contest and tell me the url in a comment here, one entry credit for every post made.

Open to international readers. You have to be a follower to enter the contest. If this contest is not in concordance to your local legislations, then it is up to you to abide by your rules. Will mail to any valid address in the world as long as the postman can get to you. No hand deliveries folks! Contest ends on November 13, 2009. And please, please make it easy for me to contact you just in case you win, and leave an email add. But if you do not want to leave an email add, please make sure that you come back on November 14 to check if you won. Please see the Disclaimer page for further info regarding this blog. Good luck ppl!

By the way, above pic is the actual cover of the book you will recieve.

Caption At The Cover Sleeve:
Your books, music and art - banned by the New Order.

You are holding an urgent and vital narrative that reveals the forbidden truth about these perilous times.

This is the astonishing testimonial of Whit and Wisty Allgood, brother and sister who were torn from their family in the middle of the night, slammed into prison, and accused of being a witch and wizard.

They are not alone in their terrifying predicament. Thousands of young people have been kidnapped; some have been accused; many others remain missing. Their fate is unknown, and the worst is feared - for the ruling regime will stop at nothing to suppress life and liberty, music and books, art and magic ... and the pursuit of being a normal teenager.

Most copies of this story have already been seized, shredded, or burned. Read this rare surviving edition and pass it along with care - before it's too late.



  1. If I could be a superhero, I would choose WonderWoman. I think she symbolizes a strong, independant woman, and that is what I consider myself to be.
    Not to mention she's hot!!!


    Thank you for the entry.


  2. If I could be a superhero I would be hmm...Storm. She is sweet and to control weather and fly, not a bad deal.
    +1 posted on my blog giveaway page

  3. I blogged giveaway:


  4. If I could be a superhero I would be Elektra because I love her weapons and she kicks butt.

  5. Please enter me, icejew at gmail dot com

    I would love to be 'Storm', the one who is in X-Men.

    I have Posted the giveaway on my blog.

    Here's the link.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. If i could be a superhero i would chose mystique (from xmen) to be able to be everyone!
    battyaboutbats at

  7. I would be Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four. Don't have to worry about spending money on clothes, can spend them on books! Muahaha XD
    +1 I blogged about it

  8. If i can be a superhero, i would choose Raven. Raven is an empath who can teleport and control her "Soul Self", which can fight physically as well as act as Raven's eyes and ears away from her body. How cool would that be! :)


  9. I would be Mystique from x-men (same as Beleth) would be pretty cool to be able to impersonate anyone.

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  10. if i could be a superhero i would be the invisible girl from fantastic four! She's got a team behind her every move, plus, who wouldn't want to be invisible?

    rubs.escalona [at]

  11. If I could be a superhero I would have to say Rogue from X-Men. You get to take a bit from anyone when you need it and remain untouchable.

    Blogged about it here. Email is:


  12. I would be Superman so that I could fly.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. Hmm, I think I'd like to be Maximum Ride. :p She's tough, she's funny, and well, I just like her! :) Thanks for the giveaway! :)


  14. I totally want to be Catherine Crawfield from the Night Huntress series... Half Vamp/Half human is killer... pun intended. haha. Not to mention, she isn't immortal but she'll live for a really long time WITH her soul. =)

    email me at rexreadingrobot @ gmail DOT com

    check out my contest at =)

  15. I choose Batman because he's not superhuman, just super smart and has cool gizmos and gadgets!

    Alyssa alread tweeted and put it on our sidebar but I'd still like a chance to win. This books looks good!

  16. Gregory said my comment didn't show up so I'll put it in again.

    I'd be Kasta from Graceling. She's tough, clever, sweet and in love with a great guy!

    I tweeted (

    And put it on our sidebar at

    Great contest...Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. I pick Spiderman. I'd love the spidey powers, flying around and swinging from building to building, not to mention climbing straight up anything!

    Yes, Alyssa already got the extra tweeting and sidebar points but please enter me too!

    Ooooooh, I'm your 50th follower! Do I get an extra point? Just kidding. Thanks for the chance to win! And congrats on getting to 50 - we know how hard that is!


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