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Sunday 1 November 2009


Are my neighbours getting a bit too productive? I swear there were more kids this year than any other year since I moved to this house! I actually ran out of goody bags last night!! I never ever ran out of goody bags!! Every year, I prepare little loot bags for trick-or-treaters little monsters and angels who comes knocking on my door. And always, I get a lot of chocolate left overs which I then bring to work the following day. This year I was emptied out!! I even dug into my partner's sweets cupboard which I never touched before. To my great shame I had to hide from the little monsters and angels last night after I gave away my last loot bag! I switched all the lights off and ran upstairs. *sob* There were just too many kids!!


Tales of Whimsy said...

I heart the photo of the kids :)

Cherry said...

I just pinched that pic of the kids off the internet :)

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