Tuesday 6 May 2014

THE SIBYL REBORN by J. Perry Kelly

The Book

The Sibyl Reborn by J. Perry Kelly
Genre: urban fantasy

About The Sibyl Reborn:
Like wildfires loose on a western mountain, the karmas of eight people, a teenage ghost, the CIA, mankind and its parent race converge on Bighorn Peak in Colorado, forcing Cassandra, the sibyl reborn, to outwit the bane of our spiritual past and solve a seemingly hopeless riddle: how to save her species from enslavement and her planet from her species.
  • Reporter Sylvia believes the false programming of an abusive sister despite her spirit's quest for self.
  • Professor Ralph thinks he can solve Man's darkest secret without landing in an unmarked grave.
  • Margot believes that her right to financial freedom supersedes her neighbor's right to live.
  • Regressive hypnotist Doctor Mickey believes he can play with egos without risking lives.
  • The enigmatic Suzie believes that no one should die without pondering her pearls of wisdom.
  • Whistle-blower Hartman thinks he’ll restore his tarnished honor by exposing decades of federal denial.
  • Environmentalist Cassandra trusts that quantum magic will save us without exacting a terrible price.
  • High Lord Farr knows we’re hopelessly doomed since he designed the catch-22 that dooms us.
Will Cassandra save the earth and humanity before time runs out, or will she doom us to suffer a horrific fate through her passion for truth and her longing to make a difference?
Source: Info in the About The Sibyl Reborn was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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Meet The Author

About James:
Twice a surrogate 'stem cells' spokesperson for the White House, James ended five years of biotech activism in 2006 when he realized a strategy that had confused and divided Americans over stem cells was being used to promote global climate denial. He writes to entertain readers with books and novels that develop challenging concepts into fast-paced and socially relevant plots. Prior to a 1997 auto accident that left him paralyzed, James enjoyed a twenty-year railroad career, restoring antique furniture, and rambling over backcountry roads or forgotten trails from Colorado's gold rush. Today he lives near at the foot of Pikes Peak with Selene, his wife of twenty-eight years and his inspiration for Cassandra, the sibyl reborn.

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