Thursday 24 February 2011

TV Book Club

I was one of the lucky bloggers who got invited to Channel 4's TV Book Club recording last Tuesday. So I went all the way to London and got to meet other bloggers and see how a TV show is filmed. First off, I would like to thank Richard and Candice of MEC for bringing us to the recording!! They are very organized! Name tags for everyone when we got there, lounge area ready with bottled water, nibbles, goody bags and the perks. I've never been to a show recording before so I was very curious to see what actually happens... well there were tons of cameras, TV screens and technical equipments than people in there, I'm telling you! It's like taking the box out of your telly and seeing all the wires inside. The wires that allows you to watch all the techniclor movies on the screen. Although I didn't understand a smidgen of it, it was very interesting to see. Then we got to meet everybody who worked there, including the presenters, the camera men, the girls who makes the show run smoothly and the Charlottes Angels. Coincidentally, it was also one of the Charlotte's birthday! So we had a sinfully beautiful chocolate cake on top of the usual nibbles. Honestly, Charlotte looked 18, but she assured me that she wasn't!

I also came out of that experience with my belief strongly reinforced that we in the book blogging community are genereally a wonderful lot! I mean, really!! Every single blogger in that event was nice, polite and supportive. Well, I guess there would always be a bad apple in every basket, but as a whole I think we are composed mostly of nice people.


  1. It sounds so fun :D I am glad you got to go

  2. How flipping cool is that! I'm so envious! Sounds like a blast.


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