Monday 20 December 2010


I just read from Yahoo that there will be a total lunar eclipse tomorrow!! OMG! Gotta see this one 'coz there might not have another one like this in my lifetime!! Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, tomorrow is also the Winter Solstice... I wonder if after all these years, the stonehenge is still accurate in it's solstice readings... it was reported to be when it was first discovered some years back that the stones actually gives pretty accurate solstice predictions... and I bet that there will be loads of gypsies there tomorrow too! I think it is part of the gypsy belief system that some sort of paranormal event happens or likely to happen on the solstices... but it's gonna be a very cold visit at the stonehenge tomorrow. It is still snowing outside and has been all day. I don't know why but the moon, solstices and eclipses just inspire great fascination with the fantastical in the human mind :) ...maybe it's not just the gypsies...

The eclipse is said to start to happen at 06:32AM GMT tomrrow. The moon will start to enter Earth's umbra at 07:40AM GMT and will reach height at 08:17AM GMT and the eclipse will start to wane then until it will finally end at 08:53AM GMT. (Source: Eclipse info was taken from Yahoo at on 20/12/2010.) I hope the weather would clear enough for us to see the eclipse tomorrow...


  1. WOOT! I did not know about this! wooohoo cool =D

    will def check it out! Thanks for posting about it =D


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