Friday 10 December 2010

Book Review: "Dark Lover" by JR Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)

 Author: J. R. Ward

Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood

Book #: 1 of 10

Publisher: Signet

ISBN: 0451216954

ISBN-13: 9780451216953

# pages: 416

Wow! Just.. wow. I don’t quite even know where to start with this one. Holy frickin yowsa! I am now an official member of the BDB addicts. I bow to the master, JR Ward. lol

Dark Lover is intense, moving, emotional, exciting, and every other awesome adjective you could think of. JR weaves a web of tales that entangles each of the characters’ stories with each other, all the while giving them a strong story of their own. Wrath and Beth’s love is absolutely amazing, and I have decided to change my name to Beth in hopes that maybe, just maybe, there is another Wrath out there somewhere. Hey, a girl has to have dreams, right? lol

There were so many times throughout this book that I was literally moved to laugh, smile, or cry. A masterpiece in the paranormal world, Dark Lover should be on everyone’s wish list this Christmas, but be sure to have the funds available to run out and get the next book in the series, Lover Eternal! I had to buy it for my nook before I even finished Dark Lover. lol I had to have the reassurance that I could continue on with my warriors. *swoon*

Seriously, though.. This book is phenomenal. Not many authors can tell that many character stories and weave them together with such fluidity. Every character that I was introduced to had their own story to tell, and each story involved at least one of the other characters. Marissa’s story led to Wrath, Wrath’s story led to Beth, Beth’s story led to Butch, and the brothers were right there beside them through it all. Amazing. Go buy this book.

My Rating: 5/5 !


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this book Wrath is my second favorite brother. If you liked this one just wait until you read the other books. Now you know why we are all hooked! :)

  2. I'm totally digging your reviews :)

  3. YAY for the Hot Vampire Warriors!! :)
    I'm super happy that you fell in love with such a fabulous and entriguing series. I'm hooked and waiting UN-patiently for Lover Unleashed! I've had it pre-ordered for months! C'mon March 29th! ;)

  4. YAY! so happy you loved this one!! and this amazing series just gets better and better Mwuahhahah! =)))

  5. I read this book in one night. The latest one is finally out in p/b and I cannot wait to dig into it :) This series is totally addictive..

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