Monday 18 January 2010


I received a request to review this product and so I installed it on my computer to try it out. It looked good. It is user friendly, menu driven, and the functions are easy to understand. But, it also erased some components of my Paint software rendering it totally useless that I had to re-install it. It also messed up my McAfee security software. So to those interested in computers and softwares, this might be a powerful tool. But for people like me who are not very technically savy this program is a disaster! So I would recommend this program to those with programming degrees. If you do not have that, don't even try it. I have since removed the Windows 7 TuneUp from my computer and done necessary manual repairs to the damage it wrecked.


  1. I remember when Windows 7 came out and people were blogging their release parties and all that, praising how Microsoft has given them a bug free OS finally.

    I still chuckle. :)


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