Tuesday 12 January 2010


First Lord's Fury by Jim Butcher
Book 6 and final book of the Codex Alera

About This Book:
The aging First Lord of Alera has fallen in battle. Yet his people must continue to resist an invading inhuman army. Desperate Alerans even pledge fealty to the Vord Queen to survive, turning the incredible power of Aleran furies back on their own people. And despite all efforts, the Alerans are being ground into dust and pushed to the farthest reaches of their own realm. However, Tavi has returned with vital insights from the Canim Blood Lands. He knows how to counter the Vord and, more importantly, believes human ingenuity can equal fury-born powers. Now events are rushing towards a last stand, where Tavi and the last Aleran legions must formulate a dangerous new strategy, together. For a civilization is on the brink of extinction.
Source: Info in the About This Book was taken from amazon at http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1841498513.

Genre: epic fantasy, YA

My Take On This Book:
I like the way this book answers some mysteries in the previous books. Like the way it explained the Alerans are actually not native to Alera but migrants from somewhere else. And adopted to Alera's environment, including the use of "furies". But didn't say where they came from, to begin with though...

This book also revealed the identity of the mystery man in Book 1 who witnessed the Marat pre-war orgy before the Second Calderon. I had to stop for a minute there to recall that mystery man and that I did wonder who it was but promptly forgot all about it after.

Now, why does the wild, feral wind furies attack and kill Alerans and animals on Alera while leave the Marat alone? I've always wondered about that...

It seems that the name "Marok" is a favourite alpha canine word for authors. Jim used it in this book to name the head of the Canim spiritualist. Patricia Briggs used the name Marok as the title for her head of werewolf in the Mercy Thompson series. Or am I just reading too many fantasy books?

By the way, can anyone tell me what is the difference between an earthcrafter and a Knight's Terra? Because they awfully sound the same to me but for some reason each word is applied as if there is a difference. The difference of these terms seems to be similar to the difference between an earthcrafter and a watercrafter...

I also like the way this book bring the stories of all six books in the Codex Alera series together to a close. In the book, is mentioned bits and pieces from all six books and nicely blended them together. It also answered a question I had when I reviewed The Furies of Calderon (Book 1 of the Codex Alera) which is: Why is this series called Codex Alera? As I understand it, it is because the six books is suppose to be a chronicling of Gaius Octavian's rise to power. The Codex Alera. What do you think?

The only major complaint I have about this book is that this is the final book of the Codex Alera series. That means there won't be anymore! But, I want more! *sigh*

Cherry’s Rating: 5 out of 5 cherries



  1. I plan on reading something by this author sometime this year.

  2. I would be giving away books by this author in the next few months so keep your eyes and ears open for an opportunity to read Jim Butcher for free! :)

  3. Great review! I love the image! Very powerful with beautiful colors.


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