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Tuesday 17 February 2015


Felicity Heaton's Bitten by a Hellcat Blog Barrage

Bitten by a Hellcat, the sixth book in New York Times best-seller Felicity Heaton’s hot paranormal romance series, Eternal Mates, is now available in ebook and paperback. To celebrate the release, she’s holding a FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY at her website and sharing sneak peeks of the book. This book works as a standalone, so it’s perfect for those new to the series too.

Find out how to enter the Bitten by a Hellcat international giveaway (ends March 1st) and be in with a shot of winning a $75, $50 or $25 gift certificate at her website, where you can also download a 5 chapter sample of the novel: http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/bitten-by-a-hellcat-paranormal-romance-novel.php

Here’s more about Bitten by a Hellcat, including an excerpt from this paranormal romance book.

The Book

Bitten By A Hellcat by Felicity Heaton
Book 6 in the Eternal Mates series
Genre: urban fantasy

About Bitten By A Hellcat:
The sole remaining member of the most famous shifter hunter family in history, Owen Nightingale is a mercenary and a man with a secret held in his closely guarded heart, but when a beautiful rare shifter catches his eye and offers him a job, he has the feeling he’ll be the one paying for helping her—with his heart.

Cait is in a spot of trouble with a capital T. A male hellcat has set his sights on claiming her and she’s one kitty who doesn’t want a collar. When she meets a dark, alluring and mysterious hunter, she sees a chance to rid herself of the male, but the price Owen sets and the fierce passion that burns white-hot between them lures her dangerously under his seductive spell.

Can Owen discover the true intent of the male hellcat and stop Cait from falling into his hands? And can Cait retain control as the heat of desire burns between her and Owen, or will a reckless moment seal both of their fates forever?
Source: Info in the About Bitten By A Hellcat was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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“Owen,” he muttered and then his voice gained strength as he straightened and lifted his eyes to hers. He looked as if he was gauging her again, studying her reactions. “Owen Nightingale.”

Cait could see why he had been watching her closely now, eyeing her like the hunter he was, no doubt putting everything about her to memory so he could note it all down later.

Including how she reacted to hearing that he was a member of the most illustrious hunter family to have ever existed.

Did he think she would turn tail and run on hearing that he was a Nightingale?

She wasn’t afraid. She was impressed. The perfect and handsome Owen had just become a shade more perfect for her.

“I’m Cait, with a C.” She twisted their hands again and shook his.

He raised a dark eyebrow. “Like Cat, with an I?”

She shrugged and nodded. “My parents thought they were being cute.”

Owen looked her over, a leisurely raking of his eyes from her head to her toes that set her on fire.

His expression gave nothing away, not a single thought or feeling.

“Maybe they thought you were cute and deserved a cute name to match.”

Gods, she wanted to ask what he thought but bit her tongue to stop herself. “Most people don’t think hellcats are cute.”

“I’m not most people.” That flicker of wickedness was back in his eyes as he gave her another once over. “But I can’t really judge whether you’re cute or not since I’ve never seen a hellcat in their true form.”

Cait narrowed her gaze on him and shot him a sultry smile of her own. “I know you’re dying to see me in just my fur.”

He looked as if he might blush, but rallied and fixed her with hungry eyes that left her in zero doubt of his desire. “I wouldn’t say no to seeing you naked.”

She flushed all over, hot from head to toe at just the thought of getting naked with him. She leaned closer, reached her right hand out, and stroked her fingers down his chest. It was as hard as steel beneath the soft material of his black shirt. She heated further, burning hotter as she raced to imagine just how good he would look naked, that honed body on display for her hungry gaze to devour.

Cait wrestled for control over herself and won, refusing to let him fluster her when she was trying to fluster him.

She tilted her head to one side and looked deep into his piercing green eyes. “What’s your view on interspecies relationships? You must like tangling with other species since you’re a hunter.”

His sensual lips quirked into another smile. “I’ve tangled with many species… but never with a hellcat.”

“No?” Cait leaned closer, feeling a little breathless as she narrowed the distance between them. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

Owen mirrored her, moving closer, his heat washing over her and his heart thumping like a drum in her head, a beat hers tried to match.

“I think I do know.” He raked his dark gaze over her again and scrubbed a hand down over his mouth. “But I wouldn’t say no to finding out.”

Her heart fluttered again and she wriggled on her seat, tempted to take him up on that offer. She needed to do some business with him first though. Pleasure could come later.

He was a Nightingale. The Nightingale. The infamous Owen. Last hunter of his bloodline.

Her best shot at survival.

“I have an offer you can’t resist.” She slipped her fingers between the buttons of his black shirt and drew him closer still. “I need you to do a job for me.”

A brief flicker of disappointment crossed his handsome face before his expression hardened, turning too business-like for her. She hadn’t meant to douse the fire that had been burning between them, not completely. She had only meant to dial it back a few degrees, from inferno to wildfire, for as long as it took to convince him to take a job from her.

Cait rubbed the material of his shirt between her fingers and thumb, her eyes holding his, even when she accidentally on purpose shifted her hand forwards an inch, bringing the backs of her fingers into contact with his bare chest beneath his shirt. His eyes instantly darkened again, the fire flaring back into life in them.

Just the way she liked it. She was beginning to crave that way he looked at her, as if he might die if he didn’t get a taste of her soon.

“You can name your price.” She slipped her fingers deeper into his shirt and pulled him closer, so their faces were only inches apart and an urge to kiss him filled her again. His eyes dropped to her lips and they parted, anticipation curling through her as a voice deep in her heart begged him to kiss her instead. “I have plenty of money.”

His gaze turned hooded. “What if I don’t want money from you?”

She swallowed hard and her courage faltered. “I’m not sure. I’m not the sort to turn tricks for anything.”

Not even her life.

She couldn’t blame him for putting it out there though. The heat between them was intense, stoked mostly by her and her flirting, and he could probably tell she was close to crawling onto his lap and rubbing herself against him. She frowned at that. What was it about this dark hunter that had her itching for a taste of him and unable to deny the urges running rampant through her?

He was gorgeous, and radiated danger at an intoxicating level, and she always had like men with secrets.

“I wasn’t talking about sex,” he murmured, loud enough for her sensitive hearing to pick up even with the music pounding through the busy club. His green gaze lifted from her lips to lock with hers. “I was talking about you shifting. I want to see you… I need to see you.”

Fire blazed through her, heat so intense she couldn’t contain it. It scalded her cheeks, sparked by what he had said and the earnest desire in his eyes, a look that backed up his words, instilling them with the need and want he had mentioned.

Cait nodded. “You’ll get to see me in my cat form, and I’ll pay you… ten grand… if you do this job for me.”

He looked satisfied with that offer. “And the job is?”

She opened her mouth and then closed it again when a trickle of fear ran through her, doubts surfacing as she realised what she was asking him to do. She didn’t want the male hellcat after her anymore, she wanted him dealt with, but how far was she willing to go to achieve that? The male was strong and determined. What if he hurt Owen? What if he killed him? Could she live with herself knowing that she had gotten the man sitting in front of her killed?

Owen sighed. “I’ve seen that look before. Believe me… you’re not the first to wonder whether I’m up to the task… and believe me… you won’t be the first I prove wrong when I’m the last man standing.”

The venom in his tone and the determination that flashed in his green eyes told her that he was a man who didn’t like having his abilities questioned. She hadn’t meant to anger him but she had clearly done just that by pausing to think over what she was asking him to do, and she hadn’t even done it because she doubted his abilities.

She had done it because she feared having to watch him die.

She managed a half smile. “I don’t doubt you’re up to whatever task you set your mind to, Owen… but I’m guessing you’ve never fought a hellcat before?”

His left eyebrow rose. “Another hellcat?”

She nodded. “A male. Let’s just say he thinks like the rest of his kind and believes I ought to just hurl myself at his feet and be his breeding bitch… and I’m of the opinion he can go fuck himself.”

His eyebrow dropped and both of them dipped low above eyes that only grew darker when she took a deep breath and tugged the right side of her corset up to reveal the bruise on her ribs. The blow that had caused it had knocked the wind out of her and had pushed her close to shifting from the pain.

“Are they broken?” Owen reached out to touch the bruise but she dropped her top and smoothed it back into place to stop him, afraid of how she might react if he laid his hands on her. She wasn’t sure she would be able to stop herself from touching him back and from there it was only a brief hop to making out with him right here in Underworld and right where everyone could watch. She wouldn’t care about the audience either. The passion and need boiling within her were so intense that once she started with Owen, she wouldn’t be able to stop until she had burned them out, and probably worn Owen out too.

“No,” she said when he lifted green eyes to meet hers again, seeking an answer. “Fractured… but healing.”

“When did this happen?” He looked back down at her side, his gaze so intense she felt sure it would burn a hole through her corset.

“Around two hours ago… in an alley near here. I was ambushed… we fought… I escaped.”

Owen frowned and lifted his eyes back to her face, a beautiful dark edge to them, one that promised death to whoever had hurt her. “And the male?”

She slid her gaze off to her left, towards the shadowy corner where he still lurked, watching her with Owen.

“Let’s just say he’s too close to me for my comfort.”

Owen looked out of the corner of his eye in the direction she had and the dark slashes of his eyebrows dipped lower. Cait had thought his eyes had held a promise of death before. She had been wrong. The look that had been in them a moment ago was hearts and flowers compared with the one that filled his green eyes now, turning them stormy and deadly

. Cait told herself that she was doing the right thing. Owen Nightingale was infamous. The best hunter there was and a specialist in shifters. If anyone could help her, it was him. He was her best shot at freedom. Her only hope.

She waited for him to look back at her before she poured all of that hope into a question that would pin it all on him.

“Will you take my job?”

Other Books In The Eternal Mates Series:


Meet The Author

About Felicity Heaton:
Felicity Heaton writes passionate paranormal romance books as Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. In her books she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons!

If you’re a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.

If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, Felicity Heaton’s best selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series she writes as F E Heaton or any of her stand alone vampire romance books she writes as Felicity Heaton. Or if you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try Felicity Heaton’s new Vampire Erotic Theatre series.

In 2011, five of her six paranormal romance books received Top Pick awards from Night Owl Reviews, Forbidden Blood was nominated as Best PNR Vampire Romance 2011 at The Romance Reviews, and many of her releases received five star reviews from numerous websites.

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