Wednesday 12 June 2013


WW28 book offering: Into The Nightside by Simon R. Green

I left the Nightside five years ago, fleeing imminent death and the betrayal of friends, and swore through blood-flecked lips that I'd never go back, no matter what.

And that is the start of our journey...

About Into The Nightside:
"It's always night in the Nightside. It's always three o'clock in the morning and the dawn never comes. Poeple are always coming and going, drawn by needs that dare not speak their names, searching for pleasures and services unforgivable in the sane, daylight world. You can buy or sell anything in the Nightside, and no one asks questions. No-one cares."

John Taylor is a private eye working the mean streets of this shady netherworld, selling his talent at finding things - anything - to the highest bidder. From hunting for teenaged runaways, to questing for the Unholy Grail, follow Taylor's exploits in this fascinating series.
Source: Info in the About Into The Nightside was taken from the back cover.

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