Monday 16 April 2012

LORRAINE PASCALE: Home Cooking Made Easy

Lorraine Pascale: Home Cooking Made Easy

About Lorraine Pascale: Home Cooking Made Easy:
TV chef Lorraine Pascale, author of the phenomenal bestseller Baking Made Easy, is back with her second cookery book -- this time packed with simple and delicious recipes for relaxed home cooking that go far beyond baking. The queen of cookery is back with 100 scrumptious and seriously easy recipes, from cosy soups and roasts to delicious autumnal breads, in this beautifully photographed second book to accompany Lorraine's BBC2 prime time four-part autumn cookery series.
Source: Info in the About Lorraine Pascale: Home Cooking Made Easy was taken from GoodReads at on 25/02/2012.

I don't usually buy and read cook books. I am good at eating but not at cooking, kind of girl. Cooking and me have a love-hate relationship ever since I understood the concept of a kitchen. More of hate than love. Hate on cooking's part and love on mine. *sigh* Then I came across this cook book. At work we have this book people who leaves books and little things samples for us to browse and you can order them cheaply. I started reading this book and I found it interesting plus I thought I could do it even with my love-hate relationship going on. The instructions looked easy enough. Doable. So I thought I'd give it a try. Anyway, I started following it and to my surprise, I actually produced delicious food!! And edible to boot!! Wonders of wonders!! Plus, it did not take me a day and year to cook. How about that? The cooking instructions are as easy as they looked at first glance and the ingredients are accessible to me as they can easily be bought at the supermarket. And that is important to me because unavailability of the ingredients talked about in the cook book frustrates me to kingdom come and is usually a very good deterrent for me stay away from that cook book ever again and stear clear of anything written by that chef. So if you are like me whose culinary skills is challenged, then this book will help you as it has helped me. I still am challenged, culinarily speaking, but now I can actually produce edible food which would not poison me or anyone eating what I cooked. If this book was meant to help people cook better food quicker, it certainly has succeeded with me!

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 cherries


  1. I want good food, and I want it quick so yes sounds good

  2. lol

    quick and easy foood

  3. This was a fun post to read, especially since you and I seem to have the same position on cooking haha! Love the food, the cooking.. doesn't seem to like me very much. Happy to hear you finally found a book that was easy to understand and helped you produce edible food! :D


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