Thursday 20 October 2011

L.A. Weatherly's Rules for Writing

L. A. Weatherly’s Rules for Writing*

• Make sure husband is going for his usual early-morning swim, which gets him out of the house by 5.30. If not, try a few friendly hints, such as shoving his sleeping shoulder and handing him his swim trunks.
• Once you have the house to yourself: result! You can now write.
• Only one cup allowed (you know what it does to you if you have more), so it has to be good. Cafetiére coffee only, preferably called something like ‘Kenyan Sunrise’. Perfect.
• NOW you can write.
• Once you’ve glanced at your email, and then announced to the world via Twitter that you #arewriting #noreally
• After around 600 words, you need a break. No, you deserve a break. Go heat up what’s left of your coffee. Check your email and Twitter again while you’re at it. It’s not 9.00 am yet, but people could be up and tweeting! You never know.
• Continue writing. Ignore the urge to obsessively check your word count. After you’ve ignored the urge to ignore the urge, marvel at how long it’s taking you to write just a few hundred words more.
• Isn’t it time for lunch yet?
• And it’s a lunch hour, right? So the rest of that time can absolutely be spent on Twitter. And you mostly tweet with other authors anyway, so it’s simply another manifestation of your creativity. It’s helping your writing!
• It’s almost 3.00 pm and you have still not reached 2,000 words. HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED?
• Try setting speed goals: “I-must-write-a-thousand-words-in-one-hour-starting-now-GO!”
• OK, 379 is good.
• Second wind arrives in nick of time. Go you: over 2,000 words! You could probably have even gone for 3,000, if you hadn’t got distracted by that amazing kissing scene you just wrote, and had to read over it a few dozen times, dreaming about your hero.
• And then spent a little more time dreaming about your hero.
• Well, he’s pretty damn hot, actually.
• Writing for the day is clearly done. Spend the rest of day mulling over what you’ve done and planning the writing for tomorrow.
• Irritatingly, doing the dishes is prime thinking time. Never, ever let husband know this.
• And it must be time for a glass of wine by now, right?

*NB: These rules are only guaranteed to work if your name is L. A. Weatherly. Otherwise, proceed at your own risk.

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Book 2 of the Angel series
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Source: Info in the About Angel Fire was taken from GoodReads at on 18/10/2011.

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  1. LOL That's the secret to writing? Well, I'll have to try that. :) Thanks for a fun blog, Ms. Weatherly! Good luck with the book. It sounds awesome.

  2. Lol. I love this post!!
    L. A. Weatherly. is funny


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