Tuesday 11 October 2011


I noticed that it seems that my enjoyment of a book sometimes depends on my mood. There was a time when I was a teenager when I read a book and enjoyed it so much. Retrospectively, I could remember laughing every other page! I gave it high recommendations to all my book friends. I could still remember them looking at me strangely. I could not understand why they did not like it. What was there not to like? And I could also remember that was the time when I had like, awards for graduation, I passed the entrance exam and got accepted to the most prominent college in the country, had more than adequate money saved up for the first year in college, etc. In other words, I wasn't only happy... my world was not only rosy... I was on a high! Donkeys years later, I re-read the same book and I found the story telling quality so flat, the story boring and I was soooo surprised!! I could understand now what my friends were saying years ago about the book! Could my mood had affected my reading enjoyment of the book? A "book reading mood phenomenon" (BRMP)? I also noticed that sometimes my mood affects my choice of read... like I am feeling down and I wanted to read a kick-ass urban fantasy to pick me up. Or I'm feeling loved up and I want to read paranormal romance.... Have your mood ever affected your reading?


  1. OMG I am very much a mood reader. Which is why sometimes I put something down and try it again later just to make sure it's not my mood.

  2. would like to think that I am an objective reader... but honestly, I don't think I am... Like you Ju, my moods affect my reading and I don't always know it :)

  3. Yes sure, when I am stressed and feels a but down then the happier ones, like easy pnr does seem better than on other days when they might just be ok

  4. Absolutely it has. I've put down many a book because of being stressed or just too down to to take whatever's happening in the story.

  5. Oh, definitely! Sometimes I can't get into a book at all, because I'm feeling either very upset, depressed, or anxious. That's why I usually have two or three books going at a time. Also, sometimes I feel like reading non-fiction, while at others, I want to get totally immersed in a good, 'suspend your disbelief' story.

    I've noticed that, if my boss criticizes me unfairly at work, I won't read the book I brought with me to read at lunch that day. Instead, I'll leave it at the office, and walk over to a bookstore near my building, in search of a self-help book! Lol.

    This is a GREAT topic! Would it be okay with you if I posted something about this on my blog? : )

  6. Blodeuedd & harshadpassion- I dig what you mean :)

    Maria Behar - Post away! ... Self-help, huh?! ...maybe I ought to start doing that ;)


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