Saturday 5 March 2011

World Book Night at Pontypridd Library

What is World Book Night?
On 5th of March 2011, a million books is given away across Britain and Ireland. The promotion will become the focus of a massive media onslaught from the launch in December, culminating in an evening of television programming, all night events, readings, book parties and nationwide celebration of the written word.

I gave away World Book Night copies of Northern Lights by Philip Pullman at Pontypridd Library this evening. There weren't that many people at the library despite it being pre-announced by the Library for days before the event. So I still have plenty of copies left. Maybe I'll stand in a corner tomorrow in a busy street in town and try to give these books away...

The experience had me thinking that it seems like not a lot of people read in South Wales. Maybe that is why the libraries are closing because not a lot of people are using them thus the politicians can use that to justify closing libraries and shifting funding somewhere else. ...And is simply giving away books a way of encouraging people to read? I chose Northern Lights by Philip Pullman because I love that trilogy and would like to share it with the world! but it seems that the world can't be bothered, really...


  1. Way cool that you donated and I feel ya.

    I worry that these new generations are reading less and less.

  2. I think the only way to fix that is for parents to start unplugging their kids more.

  3. I'm sorry about you...

    When I told my boyfriend they would give books for free in England and Ireland said: "And why no here?" (Spain).
    We read a lot and not get enough money to buy all the books we want and lately libraries are a pain :(

  4. Juju - I think that would be a good idea, unplugging the kids once in a while... but I haven't got kids so that might exclude me from parenting advices...

    Kasumi - I think that is a great idea, giving the books in other countries... I still got a lot of books left over. Tried to give it in the streets but people were looking at me like I was giving leprosy, so gave up... you can have one if you want. Email me your address.


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