Saturday 9 October 2010


Salvation by Jacqueline Paige

Genre: paranormal romance

About Salvation:
What woman wouldn't want their very own sexy pirate from the eighteenth century?

Lost in a place between living and dying, confined to roam endlessly over the same grounds for all eternity and never to be seen again, Jareth wanders through time alone, longing for the sea once more. When he realizes there is one thing he yearns for more than he ever did the sea, he is tossed into a world he is unfamiliar with.

Stuck with a life that never goes her way, Miranda is determined to get at least one thing she wants. When that one thing turns out to be a sexy pirate that lived over two hundred years ago, she finds herself with more than one challenge to have him.

Can they break the curse and be together?
Source: Info in the About Salvation was taken from the author's website at on 03/10/10.


  1. Hi, Cherry - stopping by to say Hi. I hope that Beautiful Darkness is balancing out Crescendo :)

  2. This one sounds really good! I'll have to put it on my wishlist!

  3. Did you say sexy pirate? You caught my attention :)


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