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Genre: Autobiography

About Peter Andre: My World In Pictures And Words:
Peter Andre is a national icon. Without doubt the sexiest man in pop, there are few red-blooded females who wouldn't welcome the chance to get close to Peter Andre. Since his breakup with Katie Price, his profile has exploded, making him one of the biggest male celebrities in the UK. His easy charm, his self-deprecating humour, his legendary torso and his obvious passion for his children and for his role as father have won him millions of fans. And Peter Andre is here to stay. His Revelation tour, his upcoming TV projects and now this gorgeous and insightful book will further catapult him to stardom. 2010 will cement his reputation as the sexy and extremely loveable heart-throb the nation has taken under its wing.
Source: Info in the About Peter Andre: My World In Picture And Wordss was taken from amazon at on 10/07/2010.

I don't usually read biographies. In fact, I don't. But I made an exception just this once. But this one is easy. Just like the title of the book says, Peter tells the story of his life in pictures. I felt that the words were just supplementary to what he is trying to say with the images. The adage: "a picture paints a thousand words" comes to mind. I actually went through the book in the time it took to get home from Yeovil. So if you want a quick autobiographical read, pick this one up!

I came to know Peter, not by the stories of his life he tells, but by how he told it. The most telling of all, is the positive way he say things, even at his bitterest moments. He never bad mouthed anybody! That gives me a glimpse of his inner self. It tells me that deep down, here is a good man. Imperfect, but good. I also find it honest of him to admit the pain and hurt in front of the whole world. Not a lot celebrities would be brave enough to do that.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 cherries


  1. Biographies are one genre that I rarely pick up, but I tend to enjoy them when I do.

    Great review!


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