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Wednesday 24 March 2010


  • First you grab our Wicked Wednesday pic.
  • Then you grab a book. Turn to page 28. Take the first sentence. And then you post it in your site with a link back to WW28.
  • Come back to Cherry Mischievous - WW28 and give us the url of your post so that other WW28 readers can find your WW28 offering.
WW28 book offering: Blood Promise (Vampire Academy Book 4) by Richelle Mead
Page 28, 1st Sentence:
I replayed the rest of what Sydney had said, more questions spinning in my head.


Anonymous said...

I loved this book! Hope you enjoy the rest!

Cherry said...

Thanks Kailia! I wasn't really looking forward to reading this series because Book 1 had low ratings in the blogosphere reviews. Maybe I should just jump right to this one :)

Heidi V said...

I hope you enjoy it I can't wait for your review I have this series on my to read list.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Such a fun meme :)

Cherry said...

Heidi - will be posting my review in the next two weeks (I think)

Ju - thanks!

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