Sunday 26 July 2009


My review:
My bf took me to the movies lastnight. I got to pick the show and we watched Transformers. I liked the cinematography. Have to give that a 5 out of 5. Also the secondary roles such as the "military men" portrayed their characters very well and made it very realistic that movie goers can connect with. The leading roles? Have to give that a 1 out of 5. That came across to me as a bit, "could have been better". And how about the "suspension of disbelief"? I give that another 1 out of 5. There was a discussion on "Suspension of disbelief" over at the UnBound blog, and let me quote Bryn Greenwood on his comment:
"Look, I'm willing to believe that a neo-Nazi skinhead could fall in love with a black woman, but I don't believe that this skinhead is falling in love with this woman. Simple as that."
The makers of Transformers were simply not very convincing to the movie goers to suspend their disbelief for the story to be much good!

If our evening turned out to be a little disappointing, you'll have to blame it on me 'coz I picked the movie!

Overall rating
Rating: 2 out of 5 cherries.


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