Saturday 18 July 2009


Went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince today and what a waste of my money! One of the kids in the front row actually said aloud if he could get his money back. That made me smile... I know exactly how he feels. He was probably 12 or 13.

The entire movie is just a middle story. A continuation from the last one and the beginning of the next one. There is no actual start and no actual ending. All the movie presented is the death of Dumbledore. And that's it! There is no actual story.

The only recommendation for this movie is that it is the middle of probably a good movie series so to appreciate the entire Harry Potter series you have to see this one. But wait for it when it gets to be a cheap DVD. Going to the movie is not worth it.

I have to say that they were very true to the book as far as I could tell. Though I could be mistaken because it's been a long time since I've read the book. They were too literal however. Like for example that scene where Draco's mother and aunt (Beatrix) went to see Professor Snape. Snape is suppose to have agreed with Draco's mother's requests out of his own free will for his own reasons. But in the movie it looked like he was forced!?! Unwilling but did anyway? Forced by some magic... and it looked like it was the magic of binding which coerced him. The magic of binding is that light that went round and round the joined hands of Snape and Darco's mother. As far as I can tell, in the book, Snape agreed to protect Draco for his own reasons... maybe to gain his own allies in the Dark Lord's camp who are beholden to him personally, or because he is truelly sympathetic to the plight of a young boy... whatever. Snape agreed out of his own free will. Which was not how it came across in the movie.

I liked the cinematography and the way Hermoine, Weasley and Beatrix played their parts. The acting ability displayed in protraying those roles fitted the characters to the "T".

Rating: 1 cherry out of 5


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