Sunday 12 July 2009


I was on my way home from Usk when I passed this advert on a round-about for Sunday lunch for £8.95. It was 12:45PM and today is Sunday, so I followed the sign.

I ended up in Bryn Meadows. I had my camera in the car so I took a pic of their facade. I went into the restaurant expecting the Sunday lunch. I stood at the entrance waiting to be seated for about 5 minutes or so before a male waiter came in and asked what I wanted. I said... "lunch?" And he said that the girl over there (pointing to the said girl) will seat me. Okeyyyy.... that said girl has been ignoring me and was yacking away with the barmaid since I came in. The male waiter waived to her and so she came over and asked if I have a reservation. I said no. Then she apologised that they only have roast for today and passed me over to the bar maid and said that the barmaid would serve me then left. I had the distinct impression that she did not want to serve me. The barmaid asked what drink I would like. At which point I decided not to have lunch there, hungry or not.

If you are visiting South Wales, I would suggest that you avoid Bryn Meadows. They have very good adverts but when you actually get there, the service is unbelievably sadly lacking. For an expensive place, you would think the service would be discrete, top notch and delivered with a smile. Not so in this place! Don't waste your money on Bryn Meadows. You will come out disappointed from the experience!!


  1. lol, i've been to places like that. How unreasonable of you to expect to be seated and fed in a restaurant!
    Popped in to say RavenousRomance day tomorrow.

  2. Will try, Hagelrat, to be there on your RavenousRomance day, but I'm on a late shift tomorrow. Visited your blog today though and had a nosey.

    Yeh, some of these restaurants are just amazing. Makes you wonder why they openned a restaurant... :)


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