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Cursed Fae by Brogan Thomas
Book 5 in the Creatures of the Otherworld series
Format: ebook

About Cursed Fae:
She’s got green skin, twisted tusks, and a ferocious love of canned pineapple. And her high-stakes day job just landed her a do-or-die mission…

Pepper Sterling relies on her gifts to hide and stay safe. Born with the ability to manipulate stone with ease and disappear at will, the young troll left her unwelcoming clan and found work running messages between Earth and Faerie. But after fleeing a nasty band of elves who slapped a slave rune on her arm, she’s left with a broken wrist and a testily ungrateful tiger-shifter guest in her hidden lair.

Confused by powers that are inexplicably growing after the confrontation, she’s stunned when the snarly cat accuses her of illegal magic use and knocks her out with a spell. With rising tensions attracting the attention of the Lord of Winter and news of a dryad in danger only Pepper can rescue, she’s staggered by a shocking revelation about her true nature…

Will she have to confront Death himself to save the day?
Source: Info in the "About Cursed Fae" was taken from GoodReads at on 02/02/2024.

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My Thoughts:
Love to see Forrest again!! It's like meeting a long lost friend! Character development? Can never go lower than 4! Having said that, I was not impressed with Pepper trying to face up to the bad guys and then let them beat her again just so that her tiger can save her again. I'm sorry, but, that is lame... However, the story telling quality is so wonderful that this book whizzed by.

On the first round of reading before the audiobook was released, I tried to read the ebook as slowly as possible and savour it as long as I could. But it still went too fast for me!

I am an old fan of this author and this series and can't wait for Cursed Dragon!

Quantitative Evaluation:
Story telling quality = 5
Character development = 4.5
Story itself = 5
Writing Style = 5
Ending = 4.5
World building = 5
Cover art = 4.5
Pace = 5
Plot = 4

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 cherries

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Meet The Author

About Brogan Thomas:
Brogan lives in Ireland with her husband and their eleven furry children: five furry minions of darkness (aka the cats), four hellhounds (the dogs), and two traditional unicorns (fat, hairy Irish cobs).

In 2019 she decided to embrace her craziness by writing about the imaginary people that live in her head. Her first love is her number-one favourite furry child Bob the cob, then reading. When not reading or writing, she can be found knee-deep in horse poo and fur while blissfully ignoring all adult responsibilities.

FTC Disclosure:
The ebook and audiobook copies of the book were purchased with private funds.
No money received for this review.

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