Tuesday 14 November 2023


Northwind by JD Kirk
Book 1 in the Robert Hoon Thriller series
Narrated by Angus King
Genre: crime fiction
Format: ebook & audiobookAudiobook

About Northwind:
Former soldier. Ex-copper. Current man on the edge.

Shunned by his old colleagues, and dividing his time between a dead-end job and the bottom of a whisky bottle, former Police Scotland Detective Superintendent Bob Hoon’s life is a mess.

Then an old face from Hoon’s Special Forces days turns up asking for help: his teenage daughter has been missing for months, the police have drawn a blank, and he needs the kind of help that only Hoon can provide.

And besides, Hoon owes him one.

From the Highlands of Scotland, to the mean streets of London, Hoon’s relentless hunt for the girl will see him make new friends and encounter old enemies. Enemies who know what happened to the girl. And to hundreds more like her.

But Hoon’s been given something that makes him dangerous, something he thought he’d long-since lost: a purpose.

He may be a disgraced ex-copper, a barely-functioning alcoholic, and a borderline psychopath, but Bob Hoon still believes in justice.

And he’s just the foul-mouthed **** to dish some out.
Source: Info in the "About Northwind" was taken from GoodReads at https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/57670094-northwind on 15/09/2023.

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My Thoughts:
Wonderful start to a new-to-me series!

This book uses a lot of foul language, so I wouldn't recommend it to children. At all! Nor to anyone with a delicate constitution. But I would recommend this book to crime fiction lovers!

Like I said in my review of Grimm Up North by David J. Gatward, I love dour and foreboding heroes in crime fighting stories! And Bob Hoon fits that to the T!

I do not have the ear for Scottish accent. I have to read and listen at the same time. This makes for slow reading. So, this is not exactly a fast-paced read. However, I like to go slow with this book. Savor it. Make it last. Rather than whizz through it. Makes the reading experience more enjoyable!

I therefore, do not blame the narrator for the slower pace of the book. His Scottish accent fits the character so very well! Bob after all is Scottish. He therefore needs a Scottish accent in the narration. Even though I need a bit of time trying to parse what the heck he said.

Quantitative Evaluation:
Story telling quality = 4.5
Character development = 4.5
Story itself = 4.5
Writing Style = 4
Ending = 4
World building = 4.5
Cover art = 4
Pace = (9 hrs and 27 mins listening time)
Plot = 4
Narration = 5

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 cherries

Books In The Robert Hoon Thriller Series:

Meet The Author

About JD Kirk:
JD Kirk is the pen name of multi-award-winning author, screenwriter, and writer of comics, Barry Hutchison.

JD Kirk lives in the Highlands of Scotland with his wife, two children, and a number of sturdy umbrellas. Despite writing from a young age, 'A Litter of Bones' is his first novel, and combines his love of the Highlands, crime thrillers, and cats.

The Narrator

About Angus King:
#Actor #Audiobook narrator including Booker Prize Winner 2020 #Shuggiebain.

Angus King is a Scottish actor based in London & Glasgow. He trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and works regularly on television, Motion Capture and the West End and his voice can be heard in audiobooks, political campaigns, radio drama, corporate videos, computer games, ADR and much more.

FTC Disclosure:
The ebook and audiobook were bought with private funds.
No money received for this review.

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