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What is great about this book?
HA! A tough question to ask any author about her book baby.

I read all kinds of books, and there are many shifter books out there, werewolves, lions, and bears; we’ve all seen them. Shifter books can be a fun read, and I thought I could write a superior one. Now there is nothing wrong with steamy romance, but I always want an exciting plot to accompany it. So, I wrote a book that is more than boy meets girl equals instant lust. There is plenty of lust, but there is also conflict and a mystery. The characters are well developed and they aren’t perfect. They are likeable but flawed and damaged as are all real people. The reader discovers their failings, their strengths, and their motivations. The heated attraction builds as a trusting relationship develops. Meanwhile, the mystery and threat grow as well.

Shifter mythology has been around forever. From Native American shapeshifters to ancient Greek mythology, people have found the concept of changing physical forms fascinating. The concept of changing into an animal tugs at our imagination and pushes our boundaries in ways we would like to accept. This book explains where shape shifters originated and how their powers came to be.

Additionally, these memorable characters come from fantastically affluent backgrounds that most of us enjoy reading about but don’t experience. High fashion models and NFL stars aren’t our usual neighbors, but they make for a diverting read. Phoenix is fluent in smartassery and unimpressed by this football player who wants her. Ian has never met a woman who wasn’t interested in his fame and body, but in Phoenix he has met his counterpart. The problem is, he has to keep her alive long enough to make her his.

Romance, mystery, and a killer on the loose make this a great book you will want to read.

The Book

Inside Phoenix by Roni O'Connell
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Fiction

About Inside Phoenix:
A standalone, full length, paranormal thriller filled with steamy wolf shifter romance.

SHE fled life as a supermodel to reinvent herself as the owner of a coffeehouse.
HE is a renowned NFL player on hiatus for an injury.

HE is an alpha wolf shifter on a secret assignment.
SHE swears never to shift, denying her wolf heritage.

SHE is a virgin, notorious for her icy demeanor.
HE is determined to make her his.

Someone is killing wolf shifters.
Is SHE the next target?

When tragedy strikes, Phoenix Reynolds abandons her high fashion modeling career to open Brown Burro Coffee in a tiny mountain town. NFL wide receiver and wolf alpha, Ian Brody, comes to town to investigate the killings of college-aged shifters but finds his soulmate in Phoenix. Will Phoenix embrace her inner wolf and become Ian’s mate or remain a virgin in denial of her heritage? Or will the killer find her first?

Content Warning: Contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
Source: Info in the About Inside Phoenix was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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Meet The Author

About Roni O’Connell:
Roni O’Connell is the author of Inside Phoenix, a sexy shifter romance/thriller for adults, Chameleon’s Spell, a dystopian paranormal romance/thriller, Float, the first paranormal thriller in the YA series Chronicles of D.E.A.D High, and 3rd Degree Secrets, the second paranormal thriller in the series.

Addicted to books from infancy, Roni says, “I love books that explore fantasy worlds and the paranormal—books that push the edges of my imagination. As a child, I spent many of my best hours immersed in books and that passion morphed into writing them. I taught English literature for many years and found some of my students felt underrepresented in the books they read. That is why Float has a Hispanic heroine.

“I live with my husband and three dogs high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. A California native, I find inspiration in the forest, wildlife, and lakes around my home. When I’m not writing, I can usually be found out on my kayak or swimming in mountain lakes. I love good wine and great coffee, and people with my similar wicked sense of humor. I love animals, and I’ve become known locally as the Animal Whisperer as I can get birds to land in my hands and foxes and deer come to me to be petted.”

To learn more about Roni O’Connell, like her author page on Facebook or follow her on Twitter. To show you care, leave your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.


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