Tuesday 31 March 2015


The Book

At The Corner Of King Street by Mary Ellen Taylor
Genre: contemporary paranormal romance

About At The Corner Of King Street:
Addie Morgan wants nothing more than to start of new life and leave her past behind. Then she’s been pulled out of her promising, stable life and away from her fiancĂ© by her aunt who insists she return to Alexandria to deal with the family’s latest crisis. Once there she contends with her sister Janet’s mental illness, the curse that has plagued generations of the women in her family, Janet’s newborn, and her aunt’s failing business. Addie, woefully unprepared to deal with an infant, now has one to care for 24/7 while trying to keep her job and hold on to her fiancĂ©, who knows nothing about her family’s troubled history.

As in her earlier novels, Mary Ellen draws upon historic accounts of Old Town Alexandria and its legends. For AT THE CORNER OF KING STREET, that meant looking back at the founding and earliest days of the city, including tales of family curses and witchcraft.
Source: Info in the About At The Corner Of King Street was from the press kit from the publicity team.

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Meet The Author

About Mary Ellen Taylor:
Mary Ellen Taylor grew up in a southern family that embraced stories of all kinds, from a well-told anecdote to a good yarn or a tall tale. It may have been inevitable that she would take her storytelling heritage to new heights, moving beyond the oral tradition to become a published author.

An accomplished baker, Mary Ellen shares some of the challenges and comforts of those pursuits in her Union Street Bakery novels, The Union Street Bakery and Sweet Expectations, and even manages to insert baking tips into At the Corner of King Street. On a more intimate level, she also explores adoption and family in all three books, an interest which stems from her own family. Her grandmother was adopted as was her daughter, and Mary Ellen has been active in bringing attention to issues regarding adoption, including the concerns faced by adoptees through adulthood.

Mary Ellen was born and has spent most of her life in Richmond, but also lived in Alexandria for four years. She received her degree in English from Virginia’s Hollins University, and worked in marketing and sales before she committed to writing full time. Today, she is well known for her suspense novels written as Mary Burton. Those twenty-three books and five novellas have brought praise from readers and reviewers and her work has appeared on The New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. The Union Street Bakery was her first novel as Mary Ellen Taylor.

When not digging for mysteries in Alexandria's history or arranging murders, Mary is involved with Coordinators2inc, a lifetime adoption resource organization, and Sisters-in-Crime's Virginia chapter. She and her husband spend time alternately enjoying and lamenting their newly empty nest and spoiling their miniature dachshunds, Buddy, Bella and Tiki.


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