Wednesday 25 June 2014

DEATH WARMED OVER #BlogTour & #Giveaway

DEATH WARMED OVER #BlogTour & #Giveaway

The Book

Death Warmed Over by T. Michelle Nelson
Book 3 in the Lily Drake series
Genre: urban fantasy

About Death Warmed Over:
In the conclusion of the Lily Drake series, Lily must choose not only what is best for herself and her son, but for her people. Her sword will be stained with blood through her efforts to preserve the lives of the people she loves, but she won’t be able to save them all.

When a devastating loss crushes her will to live, can Lily go on and be the leader she has to be? What is she willing to sacrifice to save others?

Death comes to everyone...even the Queen’s house...

What doesn't kill you will make you wish it did...
Source: Info in the About Death Warmed Over was from the press kit from the publicity team.

Books In The Lily Drake Series:

Meet The Author

About T. Michelle Nelson:
T. Michelle Nelson became enamored with vampires at an early age when she watched George Hamilton in “Love at First Bite.” As she got older, her tastes leaned more toward the dark and morose, but her love of all things vampire never wavered. Little has changed over the years, except now T. makes up her own macabre stories of the undead… mixed with a splash of romance, tough heroines and tons of dark humor.

T. Michelle Nelson is a native of Benton, Kentucky and a graduate of Murray State University. Currently she resides in picturesque Mount Vernon, Ohio, which is also the setting of her Lily Drake series. The first two books in the series, Life and Death of Lily Drake and 'Til Death Do Us Part, are currently available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon or any of your other favorite online bookstores. A short story prequel The First Time is also available and Death Warmed Over, the conclusion of the Lily Drake series will release in late June. Currently, T. is working hard on a new series.

When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her spending time with her son, singing out of key, watching B-Horror movies or discussing world problems with her little dog, Toadie.


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  1. Thanks so much for hosting my book on your fantastic blog!


    T. Michelle

    1. T. Michelle Nelson - my pleasure! And thank you for dropping by CM! :)


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