Wednesday 15 January 2014


WW28 book offering: Atlantis: Revelation by Marcus Blake

'No can do, sir. What you're seeing is as good as footage from the nose cone of our modified Mark 54 Lightweight Hybrid Torpedo moving at close on a hundred knots gets.

That might as well be Greek to me. So somebody in the book is a techy nut? That also tells us that the book is a contemporary urban fantasy.

About Atlantis: Revelation:
For a millenia, mankind has searched for Atlantis - the ancient lost city, sunk without a trace - and found nothing more than myth.

A young man drifts, unconscious, into a quiet Haitian harbour. He wakes to find he can only remember one thing - his name, Achilles. Helped by Marta, a beautiful smuggler, he begins a desperate search for his identity.

Soon, Achilles will find himself at the centre of a deadly game between two civilizations; the world above, and the world below.

What if a place of myth, legend and fables... was real?
Source: Info in the About Atlantis: Revelation was taken from the press release from the publicity team.

A chance to showcase your favourite!
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