Wednesday 16 October 2013


WW28 book offering: Shadowrise by Tad Williams

"At this pace, by the time we find them even the immortals will have died."

Huh?! Slow indeed??...

About Shadowrise:
With King Olin imprisoned and Prince Kendrick slain, the royal twins Barrick and Briony have been forced to flee their homeland. But both families and nations can hide dark and terrible secrets, and even if Barrick and Briony survive learning the astonishing truths at the heart of their own family and of Southmarch itself, they must still find a way to reclaim their kingdom and rescue their home- from traitors, tyrants, a god-king, and even the angry gods themselves.
Source: Info in the About Shadowrise was taken from GoodReads at on 07/01/2013.

A chance to showcase your favourite!
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  1. A new Tad Williams? Must have missed that

  2. Ooh!! Gives me the shivers!!! Sounds like a good book to read this time of the month right?? Hope you are well!!!


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