Thursday 4 October 2012

Gueat Post: CJ Bolyne & Giveaway

Hi everyone! Wow! We are on Day 8 of my virtual book blog tour – just over half way “home”! It’s great to see you here! A huge thank you to Cherry for having me here today!

For those who are just joining the tour, my name is CJ Bolyne, and I am a first time author.

The genre I choose to write in is fantasy or SciFi fantasy. Total fiction. Although, if one were to research the characters, they would find I kept the characters as close to who they “really are” as possible.

On my main character – Payton – I’ve always loved that name! So naturally, Payton is the name of my main character. Most of the other characters in the book come from ancient history and the “Kingdom of Gwynneth”. A few of the characters are completely fabricated. But I really like names that are different as “Main stream” is a little too boring to me.

I’ve always considered myself a writer at heart. I needed the courage to do it. Now that I have, I am excited and terrified at the same time. Every writer wants their readers to enjoy their work. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

I just want to give a shout out to the person who drew the sketch found on the cover of cover of Trinity. My extremely talented niece, Madison Hildebrandt, did this. She is 15 years old and in grade 11 (Funny how here in Canada, we phrase it as “in grade 11” while in the US, it’s more typically phrased as “in the 11th grade”). In my opinion, she has a real talent for someone so young, but, as her Aunt, I may be a wee bit biased. J

If you are a fan of Fantasy, I hope you enjoy this story. Books that can lead you to an imaginary world to where we can escape real life if only for just a short while are simply the best books to read!

I am currently working on the second book to the Trinity series. I am very excited about this one as, of course, the story continues leaving Payton to face new challenges in her journey to her ultimate fate.

Trinity by CJ Bolyne
Genre: urban fantasy

About Trinity:
Payton thought she had a normal, everyday life. When a mysterious man suddenly appears, he shatters her world telling her that her entire life has been a lie. She is a god with the Guardians having lived for 1000's of years. The Anords know where she is and he needs to protect her at all costs. Payton holds the key to saving humanity. However, a mysteriously familiar woman complicates everything.
Source: Info in the About Trinity was taken from the press kit from the publicity team.
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About CJ Bolyne:
CJ Bolyne is a first time author and Trinity is her first book.

Born and raised in Southeastern Manitoba, Canada, CJ was an avid reader dreaming of the day she would write her own fantasy / sci-fi book.

When she’s not writing, CJ spends her time on her farm with her husband and multiple pets. She runs a full-time pet grooming business.

Her first book, Trinity, is the first in the series.
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  4. Congrats on being a first time author. :) Thanks for the post sounds interesting.


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