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Thursday 12 January 2012

Guest Post: MARIA V. SNYDER & Get A Chance To Win An iPad

Touch of Power is my ninth novel. Ninth! I’m still a bit surprised. I know what you’re thinking – you wrote them all, surely it isn’t a real surprise – is it? No, but... You see back when I was sending my first book around to publishers, I despaired at ever getting one book published, let alone nine. I did my research and knew the odds weren't good, and read the horror stories of authors being orphaned (where their editors quit and no other editor at the publisher wants them).So when I got “the call” for Poison Study I was thrilled, but wary until I signed the contract. But even then I couldn't really celebrate. I worried someone at my publisher would decide the book was horrible and refuse to print it. It was similar to a very long pregnancy (two years in this case). You know there is a book/baby coming, you can see/feel the stirrings of life (cover art, edits, promotional plans, etc...) yet you worry – will the book be well-received (will the baby be healthy?). It wasn't until the baby was born (or rather printed) that I could truly celebrate. But new worries start – reviews, sales, and will my publisher want another book? I had made sure to thank everyone and I mean everyone in my first book's acknowledgements just in case I didn't get another chance :)So you would think after going through nine pregnancies that I'd be calm, cool, and relaxed. Then you'd be wrong. ;> Now I have loyal readers who I don't want to disappoint. And Touch of Power has all new characters, magic, and a new world – would it be liked as well as my others? See?But it's not all worry and angst :) Each book is also thrilling and it's gratifying to see it on the shelf – yes, even the ninth one! Reader emails are still precious to me and I'm enjoying book signings just as much today as seven years ago. And I'm sure I'll be amazed when book number ten is published. Ten? Gulp!
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Maria V. Snyder

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Mira Ink
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Touch Of Power by Maria V. Snyder
Book 1 of the Healer trilogy

Genre: fantasy

About Touch Of Power:
The Fifteen Realms is in a state of turmoil, reeling from a ruthless plague that has ripped through the lands killing thousands. Now the realms are on the brink of war as potential leaders vie for power, using whatever horrific means possible.At one time revered for her healing abilities, Avry of Kazan is in hiding from those who wish to manipulate her powers to further their own cause. But when Avry heals a sick child, she is captured, facing the guillotine for using her forbidden magic. That is until she is rescued by the mysterious Kerrick and his band of men, who need Avry to save their dying friend, Prince Ryne. Having heard of Ryne’s various atrocities, Avry is more than reluctant, but with a bounty on her head, she needs their protection. In a quest across the Nine Mountains, encountering man-eating ufas, armies of the undead and gangs of mercenaries, the group battles to reach Ryne before the armies of the power-hungry Tohon and the evil Estrid can capture any more land.With Kerrick promising that Ryne is the answer to peace for the Fifteen Realms, Avry must make the ultimate decision. Either way she faces a certain death – but should she trust Kerrick and heal Ryne, or die a martyr to a lost cause
Source: Info in the About Touch Of Power was taken from the blog tour press release.

My review of Touch Of Power is HERE.

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Tales of Whimsy said...

Great post. I have heard awesome stuff about this author.

Cherry said...

I like the way this author tells a story :)

Blodeuedd said...

Nice guestpost :) And I like that she still loves those reader emails

Cherry said...

Thank you Ms. Snyder to visiting CM! :)

Blodeuedd - Ms. Snyder certainly seems to be a down-to-earth kind of gal ;)

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Wonderful guest post! :D I do want to get my hands on a copy of this book. I'm going to have to see about doing that. :) Thank you! And Congrats on book 9!

Cherry said...

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) - I enjoyed Touch Of Power so I think you will not regret getting your hands on this book :)

Anonymous said...

Touch of Power Book Trailer....


Cherry said...

Anonymous - Thank you for the link!

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