Tuesday 15 September 2009


Rhondda Heritage Park in partnership with the Rhondda libraries had a huge booksale the other day. So of course I went and discovered a rich heritage practically at my doorstep and spending £2.00 for four books. I was not able to browse properly. I was not even able to go on one of their free tours, because I gotta go to work then. Here are a couple of pics I took. There is a story to it ofcourse... about ten years ago or so, Rhondda was primarily a mining town. The end of the mining industry practically killed the towns around the Rhondda valley. So many poor people were starving and the rich owners of the mines did not care. The death rate in South Wales then was the highest ever in the entire UK. That little black cart on the first pic was the last cart of coal from the mine. It is a heart-wrenching story. Made even sadder because it's true.


  1. My boys get post cards from England all the time as a really good friend of ours parents line in POrtsmouth. He was born and raised in Wales before his parents moved south.

  2. England has an even richer heritage than Wales (I think) seeing that they are the historical conqueror. It's not until I visited the Rhondda Heritage Park that I appreciated the ones right at my immediate vicinity. I explored everywhere else but here.


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