Sunday 23 August 2009


My Review:
I enjoyed this movie although there were some "unable-to-suspend-disbelief" moments where a scene is just too unbelievable to connect with. Where a scene is just too unbelievable for a viewer to suspend disbelief even if one went into it wanting to suspend disbelief. However I like the way they put a scientific background to the ScienceFiction/Fantasy issue in the story. As in, they explained the fantastic metal-eating warhead with nano technology.

Obviously the producers are planning a sequel since they added a cliffhanger there at the end.

Cherry's Rating: 4 out of 5 cherries

The story is about:

A US secret paramilitary-force-ala-A-Team with James Bond gadgets to deal with extra special threats such as crazy super-intellegent geeks who invents nano-war-heads for world domination.

  • modern fantasy which is also sort-of a science fiction
  • a comic-book adoptation (I think)

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