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Cherry Mischievous (CM) started out as a personal blog of Cherry. It still is, sort of, among other things. But now, we have evolved into a kind of blog where friends who share the same love of books also blog... to know more about us, click on our names to go to our profiles:

Please note that not all reviews here are positive, but then we do not expect the entire wide world to agree and have the same tastes as us. It would be an incredibly boring and monotonous world! Besides, even among ourselves we don't agree! One would rate a book 4.5 while the other would rate the same exact book with only 3 or less... So have a look and see, especially if it is your genre of books, even though it garnered a low rating with us, you might find it interesting :)

Now, let me tell you about Cherry... I am an avid reader of SciFi/Fantasy/Romance books and always on the look out for a good book to read. I dabble in the black arts of light and shadow... err mmm... photography, I mean. I am also in great excess of 18 years old. I am a nurse and constantly getting in trouble because I refuse to live in a box of preconceptions of other people of how things are suppose to be. And let me tell you, nursing is dominated with "tradition" and "sacred cows", as any nurse and nursing student will tell you. I love spaghetti, chocolate ice cream, coffee and of course, books! I positively abhor stories with cliffhanger endings and driving in London! I am slightly insane, sometimes sarcastic, can be obnoxious, and totally honest. And oh yeah, people call me tactless too :) Welcome to my corner of the world!


You can contact us at: cherrymischif-contactcm [at] yahoo [dot] com


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Please note that we are no longer receiving awards. Thank you for your thoughts though, much appreciated!!