Saturday 11 February 2017


Echoes In Death by JD Robb
Book 44 of the In Death series
Narrated by Susan Ericksen
Genre: scifi crime fiction
Format: ebook & audiobookAudible Books

About Echoes In Death:
This chilling new suspense novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author J.D. Robb is the perfect entry point into the compelling In Death police procedural series featuring Lieutenant Eve Dallas.

As NY Lt. Eve Dallas and her billionaire husband Roarke are driving home, a young woman — dazed, naked, and bloody — suddenly stumbles out in front of their car. Roarke slams on the brakes and Eve springs into action.

Daphne Strazza is rushed to the ER, but it’s too late for her husband Dr. Anthony Strazza. A brilliant orthopedic surgeon, he now lies dead amid the wreckage of his obsessively organized town house, his three safes opened and emptied. Daphne would be a valuable witness, but in her terror and shock the only description of the perp she can offer is repeatedly calling him “the devil”...

While it emerges that Dr. Strazza was cold, controlling, and widely disliked, this is one case where the evidence doesn’t point to the spouse. So Eve and her team must get started on the legwork, interviewing everyone from dinner—party guests to professional colleagues to caterers, in a desperate race to answer some crucial questions:

What does the devil look like? And where will he show up next?
Source: Info in the "About Echoes In Death" was taken from GoodReads at on 10/02/2017.

ECHOES IN DEATH by JD Robb audiobook
My Thoughts:
By now, Susan Ericksen's voice is firmly entrenched in my head as Eve Dallas' voice, just as Johanna Parker's is Sookie Stackhouse's. Flaws and all. So it no longer matter what previous dislikes I might have for the narration, it is all good now.

The plot is just a little on the side of fantastical rather than crime fiction this time. Or maybe it has always been like that and this is just the first time that I really let myself see it. I do have the tendency to want to keep my fantasy bubble and be obstinately blind. Or maybe I am becoming less enamoured by this series and start getting cynical (I hope not). Anyway, it is still a flipping good read.

Empirical Evaluation:
Story telling quality = 5
Character development = 5
Story itself = 4
Writing Style = 5
Ending = 5
World building = 5
Cover art = 4
Pace = (13 hrs & 43 mins listening time)
Plot = 4.5
Narration = 4

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 cherries

FTC Disclosure:
Ebook and audiobook copies of the book were purchased with private funds.
No money received for this review.


  1. Flaws?!? What flaws? Susan is the In Death series! I've liked her from the first In Death audio book I listened to. I understand what you're probably saying though. I do not love Renee Raudman for the Kate Daniels series, but I've come to accept her, limitations and all.

    I liked Echoes more than the last one, Apprentice, which left me so cold. Maybe Robb wore herself out on Indulgence which focused on Dennis Mira's cousin which was a real winner for me.

    I am getting a bit tired of Eve always just knowing whodunnit. Yes, I can understand an experienced cop just getting a sense from an interview, but it needs to be backed up more by some solid police work though in Echoes she does do a bit more before focusing in on the bad guy.


  2. Anne - I agree with you that a back-up of solid police work before knowing the bad guy makes a pretty better plot than just Eve knowing it on a hunch all the time.


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