Wednesday 20 February 2013


WW28 book offering: Shadow Walker by Allyson James

I dragged Maya down to the cafeteria and told her to explain what the hell she was talking about.

Our main protagonist is not only kick ass but nosey as hell...

About Shadow Walker:
Stormwalker Janet Begay returns home only to have the ground collapse beneath her - literally. After tumbling two hundred feet underground, Janet is rescued by her dragon boyfriend, Mick. But something dark touches Mick while in the sinkhole, and Janet might lose him forever unless she recruites the most unlikely of allies to stop the growing shadow.
Source: Info in the About Shadow Walker was taken from GoodReads at on 19/12/12.

A chance to showcase your favourite!
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  1. Oh I've wanted to read this series for some time. Great share on this one. :) Thank you.

  2. Let's see, read or not read? IS this book 2 or 3? I need book 3 :)

  3. Sounds like the beginning of a good scene.


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