Sunday 10 February 2008


Todd does not have Anne's magic. This book is obviously written by someone who has read a lot of Pern stories. The publisher was a bit too optimistic when they wrote that Todd brought fresh ideas to the series because he obviously didn't. This book is a hodge-podge collection of bits and pieces from previously published Pern books that Todd put together and it didn't quite gel. Thereby, for the long-time Pern fans, this book is a disappointment.

I find that Amazon has been a bit sneaky in advertising this book. This same exact book has apparently been published by different publishers. As far as I can tell: one by Bantam Press in April 2005 (hardcover), Del Rey Books in Jun 2006 (mass market) and by Corgi in July 2006 (paperback). Bantam and Del Rey versions of this book have about 2.5 stars with both versions sharing the same reviews like one. Corgi has 4 stars sporting an entirely different group of reviews. When you click this book from the Amazon home page it comes up with Corgi with glowing reviews. From Bantam and Del Rey it seems that this book is "currently unavailable" however you can buy from different individual sellers. However it is not "currently unavailable" from Corgi.

It looks like that Amazon wants to sell this book by dividing the reviews. Putting the low-starred reviews with Bantam/Del Rey while grouping the generally high-starred reviews with Corgi with only one odd one-starred review to make it look unbiased. Then putting Corgi's version in the front lines. That is why I placed my review from Bantam/Del Rey to the Corgi version.

I find that very sneaky indeed! However, I guess its dog eating dog in the publishing business. I recommend to those intending to buy this book to read the reviews in the Bantam/Del Rey version as well.

Rating: 1 out of 5 cherries

Note: Click on the book cover image to go to GoodReads for more info about the book.

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