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Thursday 13 September 2007


Fantasy Lover
Book 1 of the Dark Hunter series

DH read #1

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Julian of Macedon and Grace Alexander's story

Cherry's Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Genre: Urban fantasy romance

This particular book did not rate very high for me. But don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading this book. It's not bad at all. Slow start, lovely ending. However what made this book really worth reading is that it is the start of a remarkable series dubbed, Dark-Hunter by our marvellous tale-spinner Sherrilyn Kenyon. The whole series is a masterpiece. The series would garner a score of 5 cherries. Got me hooked... hook, line and sinker! So be warned, this is addictive. Marvellous read. For reading order, go to: http://www.dailyinquisitor.com/hunter/readingorder.htm .

Caption at the back reads:
It might sound like a man's favorite fantasy - to live forever, destined to be the lover of thousands of women. But for Julian of Macedon, it's a nightmare. Once he was a proud Spartan general, now he's a love-slave, his essence magically held captive in a book, cursed to spend all eternity pleasing women. Then, one day, Grace Alexander summons Julian to fulfill her passionate dreams - and sees beyond the fantasy to the man himself.

Long years as a sex therapist, listening to other people's bedroom problems, has taken a lot of the fun out of the physical side of love for Grace. She's remarkably understanding about Julian's situation - and that's disconcerting for all concerned. With or without sex, the rules of the enchantment cannot be changed. Julian is hers for the next month. And, as their time together slips by, Julian and Grace find more to share than sympathy and conversation - and they begin to wonder if love might be within their grasp. That leaves only one question. Is love enough to break a 2,000-year-old curse?

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